What Makes a Good Fashion Designer Laptop?

Fashion designers are always using a laptop when they are creating designs and when they are showcasing their designs. Matter of fact, as a fashion designer, most of the time you will be on your laptop coming up with new designs for others to construct. A good laptop comes in handy.

What Programs Do You Use?

In most cases, you will be using Adobe Illustrator or any other design software in its category. Such a software requires that you use a computer with powerful graphics and powerful processor. Granted, you will need a computer with Intel Core i3 or higher.

Get a computer with at least 4GB RAM and a recognized graphics card such as AMD or Nvidia. If you are not on a budget, a computer with 16GB RAM and at least Core i5 will offer you the best results.

Does Size and Storage Matter?

A good laptop for designers should have a good screen size, at least 13.6 inches. A smaller screen will make you strain your eyes when designing and so is a very large one. The best size is 15.6-inches screen.
Seeing that you will be storing your designs in your laptop, get a sizable storage, at least 500GD HDD.

Let Your Budget Guide You

There are so many good laptops in the market. The trick is to get the best laptop affordable for your designs. If your budget is not limiting, get the finest from the market. However, you can still get impressive computers on a budget.

How the Best Laser Hair Removal Machines Can Inspire Your Sense of Fashion

How the Best Laser Hair Removal Machines Can Inspire Your Sense of Fashion

Shaving, waxing and tweezing have been the most popularly used hair removal techniques for a long time. What these three techniques have in common, though, is the amount of pain inflicted on the skin. The fact they also do not leave long-term results makes them less commonly used today than ever before. Lately, the laser has emerged a more effective technique instead of these three.

It is for this reason that the best at home laser hair removal machines have emerged.

In the United States, laser hair removal is now one of the most common and highly sought after cosmetic procedures. The technique revolves around the total destruction of hair on unwanted parts of the body. The technique comes with plenty of benefits; hence, one of the best for anybody with a good taste in fashion, which is all about looking glamorous and properly groomed at all times.

So, why is at home laser hair removal machine a good bet for the aspiring fashionista?

Unmatched Precision

First, the process is precise. The machine targets a specific part of the body where the beam of light focuses on. It leaves the surrounding areas untouched and undamaged. You can neither enjoy nor obtain this high level of precision with the other hair removal techniques. The machines are designed to only target the dark coarse hair on the part of the skin or body that leaves you feeling displeased, unimpressed, unamused or unhappy.

Unparalleled Speed

The laser machines produce fast results. They work faster than, say, tweezing or shaving. The machines are more effective compared to waxing too. The laser machines produce pulses capable of treating more hair at a time than any other technique. It treats large areas per second. How much area can you treat through tweezing, waxing, or shaving? You need less than a minute to treat the upper lip area.

You will only take an hour, or less, to treat your back, legs, or any other large areas of the body.

Incredibly Predictable Results

Laser machines guarantee you predictable results. You know what to expect after a specified number of sessions. Do you know how much hair you would have lost through tweezing, shaving, or waxing? Nobody in the whole, wide world can give you an answer for that question. For example, with laser treatment, you know that you will have reduced hair growth on unwanted parts of the skin by 30%-70% after a period of around two weeks.

With such information, you can use the laser machines confidently and unashamedly. Laser hair removal is a technique that involves more than merely zapping all unwanted hair. (See more OGLF Reviews for more info.)

For a long time, you had to be trained in the appropriate medical field to perform this procedure. The introduction of the use-at-home laser machines has made it possible for just about anybody to use this technique or procedure. All the same, you have to prepare accordingly for this procedure. One way of doing just that is by staying away from waxing, plucking or electrolysis for around six weeks before using the laser treatment.

With no hairs on the skin to worry about for a while, you can focus on fashion without fear that hairy skin will be exposed. This offers one the freedom to explore different styles and ideas confidently. Visit OGLF for more information on the best at home laser hair removal machines.


How Fashionistas Can Find Inspiration

Fashionistas whether designers or fashion followers, are a largely creative lot that finds inspiration from various sources, including things that others might find mundane. They follow, promote, and design fashion, and are always on top of the latest fashion trends. They can find inspiration from colors, sights, tastes and other things in everyday life. It’s thus no wonder that one can find fresh fashion ideas from places such as the Newport Winery RI when others are only thinking of a drink.

Common Sources of Inspiration

Fashionistas often find inspiration from:
‘ Movies
‘ Magazines
‘ Runway shows
‘ Style blogs.
‘ Social media, catalogs, and TV shows

Aside from scouring the above sources, Fashionistas believe that fashion is much more than the clothes they wear. To them, fashion also includes proper skin care, excellent facials, maintaining stylish hairstyles and great makeup.

Other Sources of Inspiration

Travel to new places is also a great source of inspiration. For those looking for inspiration in different places, one place to visit is the Newport winery which refreshes the mind. Touring it can help them develop new perspectives and exposes them to new, inspiring things, sights, people, and cultures. Aside from getting new ideas, they also get to learn some new things and have some fun. One way to maximize fun and concentrate on inspiring sights is to get a convenient means of transport like the limo that includes a designated driver for safe touring that’s free of worry. There are different sources of inspiration for fashionistas. The important thing is to have an open mind.

Sarong Tie

The Sarong Tie – Where it Came From and Why It’s So Popular Today

Origin of the Sarong Tie

The sarong is a piece of fabric made from different material that is usually worn on the lower part of the body, around the waist, by either men or women. Over the years, the sarong has become increasingly popular all around the world. For us to understand its popularity we need to look at its origin first.

The Sarong has its origin in Southeast of Asia, in particular, Indonesia. They were in existence over five centuries ago. Originally, they would be worn by men and women as a religious attire for specific religious functions. However, with time, it became popular and how it was worn evolved beyond just being limited to a religious attire. Women would wear them just as a fashion piece to their outfit while men would wear them at home or on other occasions, not limited to religious occasions only.

As years passed by, the sarong tie started spreading out to other continents. It spread out from Southeast Asia to other parts of Asia, the Pacific islands, Africa and finally to the western countries. They each incorporated the sarong into their culture and would be worn for different purposes.

How did the Sarong Garner a lot of Popularity?

Evolution of how the sarong is worn has led to its popularity. It is no longer seen as just being a religious attire but a fashion trend. Its popularity can be attributed to:

Its versatility. The creativity of people has led to the sarong tie being used in very many different ways. For a long time, the sarong stuck as being only something that is worn at the beach by women. All this changed when it started being worn for weddings, over vacation, as a wrap skirt or even to the office as a formal outfit. It can also be used in the creation of different clothes such as the turban or dresses for women. Due to it being a versatile fashion piece, People took notice of it and thus it became more popular around the world as different people can use it for different uses.

Secondly, the sarong is a unique piece of clothing. It is designed with distinct bright colors and a variation of patterns which makes it stand out from the other kinds of clothing. For fashion, people will always want to wear something that it unique and creative. As a result, more people started wearing the sarong because of its unique make. Thus it became even more popular as a fashion statement.

In addition, the sarong became more popular because of how comfortable it is. The material used to make the sarong is lightweight, therefore, one feels very comfortable while wearing it. It is also increasingly becoming popular among people who stay in areas with higher temperatures compared to other places due to it being a light clothing.

In conclusion, the sarong is a trend in fashion that is here to stay. Its popularity around the world might continue growing with more creativity on how to wear it.

Stylish Ergonomic Computer setup

Comfortable and Stylish Ergonomic Computer Equipment

All office goers or people who work from home mostly do their daily work on a desk, in-front of a computer for 8 hours or more every day, in today’s world. But then the way one sits to do this work, especially if correct posture is not maintained, then it can result in serious health issues. Little bit of improvement, here and there, in the workplace environment can make a huge amount of difference and lessen back strain, wrist strain, strain on the neck etc. Here are some comfortable yet stylish ergonomic computer equipment that can help one to lead a stress – free day :

1) Mouse Pad : The mouse pad should be wedge shaped so that the wrist can rest on it. Additionally these mouse pads should be squishy and bulbous and the slope should be at a 4 degree angle so that the wrist can maintain its correct alignment, even though it is resting on a curvy slope. One of possible recommendations can be the Handstands-Ergo-Mat-Memory-Foam-Mouse Pad

2) Keyboard : Microsoft has come up with a Natural Ergonomic Keyboard that is curved at the correct places, and this keyboard supports the wrist naturally. With just a keystroke, programmed applications can be accessed easily. and most importantly, it is not hard on the pocket.

Smooth Leather Computer Chair3) Laptop Stand : In order to reduce the stress from the eyes, wrists and also the motherboard, Amazon has come up with an Adjustable-Ventilated Laptop Stand. The metal mesh prevents the laptop from being over heated and the temperature can be adjusted between 12 degrees to 35 degrees so that one can type for hours.

4) Eco Leather Seat : This chair has a mesh back that makes the sitting experience cool as well as flexible, as if one is sinking into it. The leather seat can be adjusted just by a single touch and the seat has a deep cushion which eventually gets softened. The armrests are contoured and the pressure points on the hand feels a lot gentler. This is created by SPACE, has an AirGrid functionality and is available in Black color.

5) Back rest : This back rest is auto inflating and is amongst the best quality ergonomics equipment. This is a auto inflating lumbar pillow that can be used in office, or long drives while in a car or even on flights. There is a knob that can be twisted and regulated to understand the level of puffiness. The name of it is – Relax-the-Back.

6) Adjustable Desk : Homestar has brought about a desk, the height of which can be regulated based on the height of the user. The design of it has an industrial look and there are 8 options available for adjustment. There are 2 storage shelves too that can be used for decoration or keeping useful files.

7) Trackball Mouse : This is a wireless trackball mouse brought about by Logitech. The most recommended model number is M570.  The buttons are customizable too to fit and become a part of one’s regular workflow.

Along with these, there are many other options that can be considered for a healthy lifestyle like Sit-to-Stand-Monitor Riser by Lorell, Serta’s Smart Layer Manager Chair, Seat Cushion by Tempur-Pedic, Rocking Foot Machine by Humanscale etc.

Faux Leather (Brown) Jacket

Is “Vegan” the New Trend for “Leather” Jackets? Faux-sho!

We know, we know, the hipster is strong with this one.  While millenials have been known to ruin some things, like beards, tight jeans and the American work ethic, the concept of a “vegan” jacket might not be something to scoff at just yet.  First of all, it’s not quite a new concept, even if its name is somewhat new and a little Social Justice Warrior.  Secondly, the quality isn’t half bad.  I’m serious, its not!

The fashion hardcore snobs will certainly say that leather is he only material that can be used for high quality products, and cheap imitations are the genetic monsters of the fashion world, but hear us out for just a minute.  Why might they be a good option to choose?  There are a few ways:

The Price

WOman in black vegan leather jacket

She pulls it off nice, huh?

Let’s face it, leather, especially that good Italian sheepskin leather that we all love, is expensive as fuck.  That might be fine once in a while, but if we are trying to sport something new and fresh everyday, it’s going to eat into our budget pretty darn quick.  We are in the millenial generation of credit card debt, stagnant real wages for 40+ years, and high cost of living, after all.

The best faux-leather jackets are as much as 50% cheaper then their “carnivorous” counterparts, real-leather.  And furthermore, many of the reviews on sites like Amazon seem to say that the quality is pretty top notch, no matter how much our snobbery begs for us to tear it down a notch.

The Morality?

Not for everyone, but a solid 10% of the population doesn’t eat meat.  Whether that’s for ethical reasons for dietary reasons I’m not sure, but it speaks to the desire to avoid the use of animal products for our daily lives.  The food industry is flooded with meat subsitutes, and this is the fashion industries way of keeping up.  Some soft felt to go along with faux-leather can sort of be like that soy hot dog you accidentally ate and didn’t think was half bad.

If you don’t give a shit about animals, thats cool too.  We’re just talking here.

The Weather

Strange way to round out the list, but faux-leather definitely has some climate associated benefits, including being a bit more breathable, being lighter and cooler, and not sticking to the skin as much (depending on the type).  These can make really good alternatives if you haven’t been quite comfortable in your leather jacket this past spring, or whatever.

Just keep these things in mind next time you are shopping for a new outfit.  Check out a few in-store and see if you like the feel of them, they may not ever replace real leather in terms of quality, but they have some good aspects that are worth looking into.

Till next time!


Assortment of handbags

A Bag (At Least!) For Every Season

Finding the perfect handbag can be a fashionista’s greatest challenge. To make the cut, a tote needs
the right combination of style and utility. With thousands of options, it’s almost unreasonable to expect a gal to
pick just one! Instead, we’ll settle for a bag (or two) for each season.


The flowers are budding, the ice is melting, the air is full of promise, and you need a bag to match! Choose flirty numbers with vivid colors to complement the show nature is putting on. A bright leather clutch or shoulder bag is the perfect accessory to an outfit full of florals and the season’s first sight of sandals. Though you can never go wrong with a tasteful pastel, don’t be afraid to branch out! Neons and striking patterns are right in line with the mood of the season. Alternatively, pick up a chic knapsack for strolls through the city. Backpacks aren’t just for students– they come in a wide range of cuts and materials. From nylon to suede to canvas, a backpack-style bag can make a perfect spring statement piece, and fit an extra layer to boot.


Summer or Spring Handbag

A perfect overnight or beach bag for summer.

It’s beach season, baby, and what says summer more than a nautical tote? Find a blue and white striped number, load it up with the towel, shades, snacks, and sunscreen, and hit the seashore. For bonus summer points, pair with an oversized beach hat– it’s a no-fuss daytime match made in sartorial heaven. On hot summer nights, be they spent at barbecues or rooftop parties, take the opportunity to opt for more minimalist accessories.  Even those “down under” can enjoy handbags Australia, although they may be celebrating it in a different month then the northern hemisphere.  After all, you don’t need to worry about packing a sweater, so now is the time to rock that impractically small purse you’ve been eyeing all year. Plus, you wouldn’t want your handbag to distract from the (tasteful) amount of skin you finally get to show!


Spiced cider, changing leaves, wool socks, ankle boots– coziness is key this season, in life and in fashion choices. Soft leather crossbody in warm brown shades pair perfectly with a chunky-knit scarf, and afford you the space to pack an extra sweater. Taking a trip to check out some fall foliage? Pick a woolen weekender with red and orange hues and ample volume– it’ll set the tone for a perfect seasonal getaway, and give you the room to pack boots, beanies, and anything else you might need to stay toasty yet elegant.


We know it’s tempting to forgo fashion in the face of frigidity, but take heart! There are chic and seasonally appropriate handbags for even the coldest days. First off, let’s face it, in winter our figures need all the help they can get, so forget to sling a crossbody over a bulky coat and save yourself some awkwardly bunched material. Instead, choose a structured day tote with a sleek, modern design and the volume to fit hat, gloves,
and earmuffs. Depending on your locale, it may be worth researching some waterproof bags– there are surprisingly appealing options from some designers, and protecting the contents of your purse from the elements is a worthwhile investment if ever we’ve heard one.

Around the holiday party season, brighten the winter nights by treating yourself to a clutch with some flair– think sequins, gemstones, metallics, chains.

Nothing breaks the winter fashion blues like a statement accessory, so the only thing shinier than your handbag will be your smile!

4 womens in sports jerseys

From Sportswear to Fashion Statement – The Sports Jersey

Sports jerseys have come a long way from since when they were first knitted, and they have grown to be both a fashion statement and expression of loyalty to his or her favored team. If you were to go to a football game in the 1940s, you more than likely would not have seen spectators wearing the unfashionable but practical uniforms that players donned on the field. They were functional and comfortable, but just that. In the 1940s, players also wore less padding. It wasn’t until the 1960s that a more jersey more familiar today popped up in football.

This jersey was more accommodating to bulky gear underneath but went on to resonate with sports fans all across the world. If you were to go to say, a New York Giants game, you more than likely would see a large crowd of fans wearing jerseys of their favorite players. Not just because it shows their loyalty to their favorite team, but it is fashionable.

Sports Jersey Used as Fashion StatementThere are dozens of sporting goods stores standing on their own or in malls catering to customers buying jerseys and lots of them, and online stores are an option to, in fact you can design custom football jerseys here with just a few clicks. Modern basketball jerseys, for example, can be very colorful. Franchises themselves, like The Lakers, have taken the idea and ran with it by releasing variations on their jerseys for anyone to enjoy, sports fan or not. Basketball uniforms have gone from short shorts and relatively plain jerseys to comfortable, appealing uniforms that millions of people have gone on to wear. The evolution came about for practical reasons surely, but the merchandising success with it has allowed the jerseys to keep evolving and stay in the mainstream.

Spans Many Different Sports

Hockey jerseys are just as fashionable. They are generally baggy and large because of how much padding goes underneath them when playing hockey. Old hockey jerseys were actually much less bulky and didn’t look too much different from a typical long sleeve t shirt. Like football, the evolution of the league and its regulations meant more padding, so they changed. Not only do these professional leagues put out jerseys, hundreds of clothing companies release variations of them in their style and representing their brand. The classic “Baseball tee” is a simple � sleeve t shirt popularized by its use in the early years of baseball. Hip hops groups, fashion labels and rock stars release baseball tees of their product pushing the old school jersey further into the main stream.”Street ware” companies and fashion designers developed the jersey conecpt into more widely appealing items for customers to buy and sport. Jerseys made into dresses for example. Its fun and fashionable, but most importantly does not only appeal to avid sports fans.

Summing it Up

In conclusion, sports jerseys have gone from simple necessities used in competition to a flag of loyalty or simply a fashion statement. Jerseys of whatever sport it may be have broken through to millions of customers based solely on their fashionable appeal. Jerseys are universal. They have proven that they are “cool”, here to stay, and more than likely going to keep on evolving.


fashion industry

Three Surprising Facts About the Fashion Industry

The business of fashion is ever changing. Fashion – loathe it or love it – it is something that you can’t afford to ignore. No matter whether you are strolling along the streets, flickering through TV channels or standing in the line at a bus stop, you will face constant visual bombardments of adverts for latest designer trends offered by brands that you may or may not be interested in. While you may know much about fashion, here are three surpirsing facts about the fashion industry that you may not have known.

The fashion industry spends more than 500 billion dollars on advertising

With a big amount of money and the potency of huge margins, fashion retailers (big as well as small) expend a ridiculous amount of funds every year to induce you to buy their wares. While the current annual spending on adverts in the fashion industry stands at 500 billion dollars, the figure is only likely to rise.

Men’s fashion is catching up with women’s fashion

The men’s wear side of the fashion industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Traditionally, it was believed that women are more conscious about fashion. However, men are catching up with women in fashion these days. The growth of menswear is so strong that certain fashion experts think that total sales of menswear could actually overtake women’s fashion in the next decade.

Aside modeling, the fashion industry employs a lot of people

The truth is there are over 40 million people employed in the fashion industry all over the world (factoring in roles in manufacturing, designing, marketing, distribution, retailing communications, consulting and publishing). The above figure on employment is only increasing day by day with the ever increasing growth in the world of fashion.

Bottom line

Living without fashion is almost impossible in this fashion-oriented world. Whether it is footwear or clothing, you will find fashionable accessories all over. With the increase and dynamic changes in the fashion industry, it will be no surprise if we find more interesting and unbelievable facts about the fashion industry in the years to come.

Level Up Your Low-Key Wardrobe

Who says low-key pieces can’t create a statement? Here’s how to prove they can.

Utility jackets

That utility jacket in your closet deserves a breath of fresh air. It’s cool to wear especially when worn over a soft cotton dress and pair of white sneakers. Wear this ensemble and you’re off to a good start.

Loco with logo

Your shirt, no matter how low-key, speaks loud. From slogans to logos, that white shirt whether splashed with inspiring or witty words will do the talking for you. Pair it with denim skirt or pants. If you want to go bolder, match that tee with a vibrantly colored playful skirt.

Wide-leg pants

Comfort doesn’t have to mean shabby. Your low-key wide-leg pants are yes, a relief to wear. These pants may come in high-waist or low-waist. Level it up with a light cotton camisole top. On summer nights, when the air is cooler, pair it with a soft, loose knit.

Low-key wardrobe pieces donned with the right pair could become a high-key fashion statement. Wear them with confidence and make that statement!

Summer Wearables That Inspire

Summer’s almost here! Now you’re ready for the season’s fashion inspiration culled from top fashionistas. Ready for the top three?

Timeless prints

Prints almost a staple every summer. The checkered black and white prints are good examples. They are ultra fashionable in knee-length balloon skirts. They look good too as crop tops. You might also want to show off your feminine side with off-the-shoulder tops in checked prints.

Bra tops and crop tops

Bra tops are popular again this summer, alongside the crop top. Pair these with a skirt or denim pants that are high-waisted. Low-rise pants with a crop top is also a good pairing especially when you have the abs to flaunt.

Sheer delight

Sheer dresses are definitely a must-have this summer. They are flexible to wear and can be worn over almost any piece. An ankle-length sleeveless sheer dress over a light straight cotton mini is one example. At the beach or poolside, a sheer over a one-piece swimsuit deserves a second look.

These are three must-haves fashionistas suggest but it’s your own style that matters. Get inspired. Go shine this summer!