November 30, 2009

LULU DK- Matouk Bedding

Here is a little sneak preview of our Spring line for Matouk bedding...we also do baby bedding with Matouk and have just brought out a fantastic line of decorative pillows. Take a look!,

November 23, 2009

Gorgeous Fall Fabrics

These stunning fall-colored fabrics are part of our indoor/outdoor fabric collection. We've been doing more indoor/outdoor weaves lately - they have an amazing hand and the most subtle sheen...they have a very rich feeling. Laurie used the far right fabric, Cliffside Coral, in her kitchen dining area, which is perfect since the fabric is stain and sun resistant. Really, though, it's the rich shades of brown and cranberry that prompted me to post this photo...these are the shades of fall, of Thanksgiving.

(Left to right: Cliffside Chocolate, Cliffside Driftwood, Goldeneye Sand, Goldeneye Paprika, Cliffside Sand, Goldeneye Caramel, Cliffside Cranberry)

View Cliffside here
View Goldeneye here

Welcome to my Trail of Inspiration

I believe that all beautiful things should be nurtured, appreciated, acknowledged, but most importantly shared and passed on...

This blog is a collection of all things precious to me. People, places, objects, memories, creativity, family, love, lessons, and moments that inspire me...past, present and future.

It is also a "live" journal of both LULU DK (the company I founded and design for) and my personal and creative trail of inspiration.

As a culture we tend to focus on the finished product and rarely on the journey of arriving there...This blog will serve not only as a "live" journal but also as a "live" journey through the mind, passions and inspirations of a creative person. (There will also be a ton of product, including all the ones I made and love...and all the ones belonging to everyone else that I love ;-)

I will basically let you all into everything that I know and love...One day at a time.

I would love and appreciate as much participation from my viewers as you are willing to offer.

I look forward to our journey together!