February 26, 2010

From Vision to Reality

This collage is the original inspiration behind our LULU DK floral fabric Minerva, beautifully used on the walls in the photo below, a room decorated by Markham Roberts....I did a rough sketch of this collage while travelling in Rascutani , a coastal town in Africa. I later made it into a collage and then a fabric.

We love this room decorated by Markham Roberts with our Minerva fabric on the walls! So amazing to see a thought realized like this. Red and white is always perfect. My grandmother's favorite colors hence the fabric named after her.


  1. Lulu, I love this room, your paper is gorgeous! The red trunk is a winner as well. You definitely have the vision!


  2. What a stunning fabric. I know the room photo will stick in my mind for years to come.

  3. What a wonderful design and love that it has been named after your Grandmother.