February 13, 2010

Let's Wrap It Up!

Dear friends of my husband and mine are celebrating a "family" birthday. Since husband, wife and daughter all have their birthdays in the same month, they thought they would be economical and throw their birthdays all together. I love the idea, and thought I would be economical too...and ecological and wrap their presents in recyclables. Newspaper, recycled ribbon from past presents and painted cards on printer paper. It is so easy to make a gift look thoughtful, I promise. Wrap your present in leftover newspaper, tie a colorful ribbon (start saving the ones that you get on your gifts...they are great to reuse)! Drip some paint on a card or make circles with a pencil or colored pen if you don't have paint handy and throw in a flower, or leaf or branch or a shell or a lollipop, really whatever you have lying around or outside your front door...You will have a great ecological, recycled, free, beautifully wrapped present....


  1. Great artistic ideas to use when wrapping presents!

  2. This girl is magical! She can even make newspaper look stylish. My mother at Christmas used to recycle all the wrapping paper for the next year's presents and I follow suit. No more! This year all I will need is a few copies of the Times! Thank you Lulu. Keep at it and male all our worlds more colorful.

  3. SOOOO fab.
    About to reblog.
    Clever cookie.