February 22, 2010

Light A Candle In Memory Of The One You Love.

My father passed away some 7 years ago from complications due to cancer. Today is his birthday. I am going to light a candle in memory of him. He was an amazing man; He fought during WWII with the RAF, spoke 12 languages and taught me so much about art, travel, culture, and survival...He truly believed in understanding all cultures and all people from the inside out. He taught me how to fight to really be what and who I wanted to be. I thank him every night in my prayers.

Glassbaby Forever: http://www.glassybaby.com/give.aspx is an amazing company with beautiful handblown votives and a percentage of the proceeds go to really good cancer charities, including a camp for critically ill children, a nurses' university school fund, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, and more. These are great gifts and comforts for anyone who's lost a loved one to cancer.


  1. Happy Birthday Mr. DeKwiatkowski! I have no doubt that you are smiling down on your beautiful talented daughter, her always-supportive husband and their gorgeous boys (my godson)! Take care of our Lynne...Laurie

  2. I will certainly remember your father in my prayers tonight as well. He is very fondly remembered here in Kentucky for saving Calumet. Whenever I drive through Lexington I take a moment to think of him thankfully that my children are able to still see such a legendary place in our history.
    PS: As an architect/designer I greatly admire your work and process. Great blog!
    My best,
    Tommy Kute

  3. This was an incredibly touching post. My close friend lost her husband to cancer last year, I know those candles would make for a very touching gift for her. First visit to your blog, really like what you are doing here, {also a fellow Capricorn}.

  4. Happy Birthday to your Dad; he sounds like a brilliant man, and how wonderful that he is clearly thought of so very fondly. I'm sure he's warmed with pride knowing the wonderful, creative daughter who makes the world smile with her beautiful creations.

  5. Beautiful thoughts for your father Lulu. That hug says it all!


  6. Birthday wishes/prayers for your Dad! I am sure he looks down on you with such joy and praise! I am going to light a candle right now for my Aunt and Grandmother who passed within 6 months of eachother of cancer and one for my Dad who survived 2 bouts...

    I love that photo of you and your Dad..it captures a special moment indeed!

  7. The loss of a loved one lives on and lights our hearts. My Father and I just spoke yesterday about my Grandma and that it has been 20 plus years since she died. She loved the Spring and every year I think of here when Spring arrives. I also light a candle for her when I go to church. Fathers, Mothers and Grandparents live forever in our hearts.

  8. Such a loving tribute. I lost my father two years ago in May. He was my friend and mentor, and your photos and your words speak so highly of your father I believe he was the same to you. Our fathers would have gotten along very well, I just know it. Hugs.

  9. I love this photo of you and your dad and how you light a candle. It will be 2 years this Sept for my dad and I miss him. I have a almost life size bw photo of his hands and sometimes I imagine. I loved his hands as a child so gentle yet so strong. I know your dad is smiling down on you watching over you and your family and beaming with all of your accomplishments. Many hugs. xo

  10. How Wonderful is that image of you and your dad!! Makes me want to rumage thru old photographs.... Happy, belated, birthday!

    I am so glad I found your blog, via an old blog entry at SHELTER. I have been reading your entries, and look forward to more.

    I have two small entries on Glassybaby on my blog as well, check it out if you have the time.... (http://so-much-more-than-nl.blogspot.com/2010/02/how-lucky.html)

    Northern Light

  11. how romantic sounds this, when someone passed by if it is a very good and amazing idea to light a candle just to remember his death, I really believe that this would be a way to be very grateful with this person.