February 2, 2010

Spring is Coming!

Spring is coming! - let your flower power blossom. Get some gorgeous floral prints from Lulu DK-these are some of our favorites! (for samples, email info@luludk.com).

(Shown top to bottom: Isis Mauve, Minerva Sand, Isis Cherry, Isis Butter, Ava Cherry, Isis Tourmaline, Minerva Beige with Blue, Seabreeze Mauve, Minerva Pale Blue, Ava Driftwood, Isis Butter, Minerva Chilipepper)

1 comment:

  1. nothing green. I need green for Spring. I blame it on my Grandmother
    and growing up in Kentucky. Bluegrass, green grass makes my heart skip a beat. Lovely patterns LuLu.