March 8, 2010

Brotherly Inspiration

I am so grateful to my parents for giving me 5 siblings to grow and learn from. Fortunately for me, I am the youngest and was able to soak up all their creations, knowledge, inspirations, lessons, growing pains, experiences etc. I can not emphasize enough how much they have given me (most of the time without even knowing). All my siblings have creative talent, but my two brothers stand out...(both of which I will get to within this blog) but for now, Conrad...who is responsible for these beautiful LARGE stone structures. While spending the summer in Montauk at the home of Peter Beard, my brother produced these spectacles of inspiration...Each stone patiently picked from the beach and meticulously placed to create such beauty that sometimes I get a stomach ache from looking too long....from a feeling of such heightened beauty that I want to eat it, or possess it or make it a part of me...My brother has definitely given me a priceless appreciation for nature and its endless beauty. Thank you thank you.


  1. Very interesting! I adore the colors in image #1, but the drama of #2 is very cool as well.

    When visiting my parents in Denmark, we always take long walks along the beach! We pick up small rocks with holes in them, and also try to seak out the white ones....

    Northen Light

  2. These are beautiful...remind me of Andy Goldworthy's breathtaking outdoor sculptures. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend "Rivers and Tides", a film that documents his work and creative process...again, these are gorgeous --

  3. The V&A Museum has something called The World Beach Project in which people make creations with the stones, rocks, pebbles and other things they find on beaches. My former housemate in Wales and I, in Baltimore, each did one.

  4. I am one of seven, and I treasure my siblings too. What a creative bunch you are. Wonderful stones.

  5. these are mind boggling-when one thinks of creating the placement I would be less surprised to think it was nature's doing. Where they photographed and then left to nature's fair hand for continued artistry?

  6. I love those stone creations, I believe there is an artist doing things like that and he works with grass and leaves too! Unfortunately I do not recall his name right now!perhaps it's the guy Lisa mentioned! I'll check!
    Love it!
    Your linens are so pretty!
    Happy weekend!