March 16, 2010

Petals Petals Everywhere

Spring is definitely coming to Los Angeles and the flowers are blooming everywhere...It is really, in my opinion, the best and most inspiring part of living here. There are mountains bursting in purple, yellow, blues, greens and every other color in the rainbow. I went to the flower market with my twins this weekend and they are truly captivated by the colors and shapes of all the different flowers and  petal pieces. We collected a few fallen petals in a basket which later found themselves scattered all over my studio floor. The designs above were inspired by the petal trail left behind ;-) Not sure what they will become, but was feeling springy and thought I would share a blooming moment.
I LOVE flower shops and these are a few of my favorite ones in LA...The new Rolling Greens Florist on Beverly Blvd 323-934-4500 (the main nursery is in Culver City) but they just opened a florist on Beverly Blvd. with not only flowers but also everything else home (bird cages, candles, bedding etc). It is great and worth a walk-about. Lily Lodge on Robertson which specializes in organic flowers and also has a great gallery/ gift area that sells amazing things. And Moe's on Melrose which is visually delicious.


  1. I went to our local farm stand and the flowers are out, I am so ready for flowers!

  2. I agree, Spring is a fantastic time - so full of colour! Love the petals..........KG

  3. Just dropping by from BHB and very glad I did, what a beautiful blog, all the spring flowers are popping up here in the English countryside and the views are delightful. I shall be sure to return...

  4. Still waiting for "petals" here!!!

  5. I've been just DYING over the gorgeous weather here in San Diego the past few days. Heaven on earth. Seriously!

    Love the petals! :)