March 13, 2010

Spring is Coming!

Here is a little more of my line for LULU DK Matouk. Loving the embroidered hand towels and throw pillows and how fresh and Springy everything feels! You can go to our website to see what stores carry everything near you. This line was really inspired by my love of nature and the garden...A lot of these flora and fauna designes originated from my collages from my book LULU...All the folks at Matouk and I thought they would translate well into bedding, so off I went to create renditions from my book and voila...


  1. OOhhhhh La La! Lovin' the seashells! must have!!

    Happy Weekend!

  2. Very, very pretty and fresh!
    Love the first image with the green european pillows in the back.

    Northern Light

  3. Pretty and fresh. Reminds me of wood block prints.
    Spring. I am sooo ready.

  4. I adore the pillows and hand towel!! Beautiful beyond. So happy that Courtney introduced us!!

    Art by Karena

  5. Dear Lulu,

    So glad I found your blog..have always loved your designs..and I just did a post on your bedding before finding your blog: !!

    all the very best to you!


  6. These designs are gorgeous! I am sure they will be big sellers. I love the colors and the cheery factor that they contribute to a room.

  7. Wow, these are just gorgeous!