April 27, 2010


These works by textile designer and artist Andre Lanskey took my breath away when I first came upon them at the Cora Ginsburg antique textile, costume and needlework gallery in NYC . I found them while researching for my book,  LULU before the focus of LULU became only about my collages...Previously I had the idea to do a book called appropriately... Trail of Inspiration, which tooted the horn of all things, people, places, memories etc. that touched, moved and inspired me visually...I was going through the non published pages the other day and noticed these little gens after not looking at them for about 5 years. I realized that subconsciously they must have inspired my ripped paper works.
Andre Lanskey created 24 electrically colorful designs for the poet, Pierre Lecuire in a masterpiece collection of art and poetry combined, called Cortege, 1959 France.

If you are a lover of antique textiles, Cora Ginsburg Gallery can not be missed; specializing in museum quality antique costume of the 18th and 19th centuries and in European embroideries, silks, and printed textiles of the 17th - 20th centuries.


  1. Lulu, so very Matisse like, I love them!

    Art by Karena

  2. Cora Ginsberg always inspires me! Love Lanskey's work. Glad you shared more about the initial process behind the book.

  3. I just love these images! The colors, the shapes, the composition, it's all wonderful!

  4. Oh I love them! They are so bright, happy and energetic! Very Cool.

  5. These are absolutely amazing! And, so is the Cora Ginsburg Gallery and Titi Halle. The shapes in these collages remind me a bit of abstract expressionist Fritz Bultman's collages, that I wrote about recently. However, the color in Lanskey's work is much more alive! I'm so happy to see these collages. Thank you! ;)