April 1, 2010

Take an Inspiration Fabric Walk!

When I founded LULU DK 10 years ago, I was all alone in a world of stodgy traditional chintz fabrics. I think it is safe to say that the Interior Design market had fallen slightly to sleep. It wasn't until the Internet boom of the Clinton era when things started to change. A younger generation of Internet hipsters started to make a lot of money, leading them to move out of their parents' garage and into their 7000 sq foot mega lofts in NYC and elsewhere. Clearly they were looking for a little more then a floral chintz or chinoiserie coffee table. The shift was so sudden that I literally remember walking down the streets in Soho, NY and the entire neighborhood being about fashion boutiques and then walking downtown not long after and it being all about Interior/home design stores. I don't want to pat myself on the back...but hmm, here I go ;-) Me (and Muriel Brandolini) were the only fabric designers at that time doing anything that appealed to the young fresh at heart (now mega-rich internet youths). I must say it was a really exciting time to watch and be apart of a blossoming industry. I loved how all my interior design friends stuck together, encouraging each others growth and creativity.

During West Week in Los Angeles last week, I went to an event in the beautiful "back of the shop" gardens of Nate Turner's shop and Harbinger-Lucas Studios. It was, as is always the case of the events thrown in their secret garden... fun, festive with a twist of the magical....but mostly it was fabric, fabric, fabric everywhere. If you haven't noticed...Everyone has suddenly created their own interiors fabric line...fashion designers, interior designers, painters etc. My favorite line (besides my own, of course) is Peter Dunham's over at his new and improved store, Hollywood at Home (on the other super street of antique stores on La Cienaga). I think it would be great fun for all fabric designers to get together, spread out an enormous piece of white fabric and each paint a little something on it. Like a joint piece of work that we can hang somewhere and then auction off, proceeds going to Charity...just a thought. Here is a little list for your LA fabric walking tour (or interneting tour, as the case may be)

1. LULU DK at Donghia 1st floor- Pacific Design Center 8687 Melrose Avenue

2. Schumacher also at the Pacific Design Center- representing Kelly Wearstler, Celerie Kemble, Trina Turk, Jamie Drake, and Matthew Patrick Smyth

3. Quick drive around the corner will bring you to Hollywood at Home: Where you will find Peter Dunham, Carolina Irving, Jed Johnson, Lisa Fine and Martyn Lawrence-Bullard

4. Another quick little drive will bring you to Harbinger on Almont Drive where you will find Katie Ridder, Idarica Gazzoni, John Stefanidis and Pintura Studio.

Happy shopping!

(p.s fabric above is my LULU DK Plumes)


  1. Lulu
    Thank you for sharing. I love trailblazers! The blogworld opens up so many resources and possibilities!

    Art by Karena

  2. Lovely bits of historical reference always are so full of intrigue. I just love that your designs are light and happy. They sure make me smile.