July 9, 2010

Greetings from Italy

Oh my oh my, it has been a very long time since I have touched base. I apologize. I am in a little port town about an hour and a half from Rome called Porto Ercole. Porto Ercole is a boat place, meaning instead of running to the beach, the italians hop on their boat and head to sea. We have a little apartment on the port with our boat docked below and each morning we pop on the boat and anchor by some large cliff or rock for long swims.
This is returning to the port for siesta time.
And if you happen to make it to the beach, which often happens if you have young children, then this is where we go...a little place called Il Tremonto....Since I am working on the next bedding collection for Matouk which is appropriately titled "travel" ...these are some of the places in which I pull my inspiration.
and then a little sample of my post siesta blondies...
Today is our last day by the sea, tonight we are driving up to the mountains to a place called Pollone next to Turin. I will keep you posted. Happy summer to all!


  1. Oh, I cannot decide which view to look at first... those sweet umbrellas or those blondies! Nothing but sweetness!
    Enjoy your travels.

  2. Beautiful! and your little "siesta blondies" are adorable!!! Happy Weekend!

  3. I just scrolled through your blog..., what a talent you are!! And I'm so loving that ocean wallpaper you had made from a photograph!

  4. Lulu,
    The beach umbrella design is incredible. I am so impressed with its simplicity and how you arrived at the idea. I'm a designer too and this teaches me a lot-yours is not derivative of anything. Pure inspiration. In aclass with best working designers today.

  5. It looks amazing! The photo of the beach with the umbrellas looked so familiar... maybe from one of your beautiful collages I think. Now I see where you get your inspiration from. I love the design for Matouk! Wonderful work!!
    Have a lovely vacation with your family!
    I am trying to not melt away in a very very hot Cannes. Soon back to Stockholm..
    Best regards,
    K & Co.

  6. It's great to hear from you and to see some of Porto Ercole. I'd love to see the umbrella design and a little Il Tremonto inspiration in a fabric. It's one of my favorite pages in your LULU collage book! Have a glorious rest of summer.; )

  7. How gorgeous and your children are adorable! Happy Summer to you!