August 27, 2010

Lighten Up!

Last time I was pregnant, I wanted everything to be pale blue, white and earthy-beachy-driftwood colors. I could barely tolerate the color red or any other fire color. Oddly enough, this time seems to be the opposite. I can't get enough of color and everything needs to be just a little brighter then usual. I started with my hallway, where I hung my LULU DK Bloomsbury fabric in tourmaline. It was pretty enough, but for me I needed more fruity festivity, so I took on the task of painting over all the flowers in bright edible colors. Needless to say, this hunger for sorbet has seeped into the LULU DK fabric line and I have decided to recolor many a fabrics and wallpaper...As I have already mentioned, we have a ton of new designs coming out soooon (mills are never quick enough for me) and they seem to be taking some time with these new prints. So in the meantime, I have recolored many already existing LULU DK fabrics and wallpapers...below is a sample of my Sunshine wallpaper/ fabric in a new green colorway ;-)

Here is our original blue Sunshine wallpaper in a room by Jeff Lincoln...It will also be available in a paler blue.


  1. Sunshine in green is pure bliss! KG

  2. As I have a real 'thing' for trees, leaves and bright colours, I just ADORE the wallpaper in the top image. Gorgeous!

    Linda. :)

  3. I love the punches of blue, green and turquoise

  4. Your hall is stunning, I so admire your patience!
    I have Chant in my front entry and love it. Can't wait to see your new designs!

    Danika Herrick
    Gorgeous Shiny Things

  5. the more color, the more life. and then some. life within, life without. i am inspired by your designs and have posted some of LULU DK MATOUK line on my blog a while back...

  6. Oh I love the green! So fresh and happy, plus your hallway is rocking it!