October 28, 2010

Lyford Cay

This is the Main Club at Lyford Cay in the Bahamas, just all redone by the interior designer, Tom Sheerer. He did a wonderful job keeping the "old school" flair. I actually had my wedding ceremony in this exact room. The french doors open up to a lawn that meets the ocean. There are many other rooms also redone by Tom Sheerer that are equally wonderful which I will try and post in the next few days.

Above is the backgammon room, equally chic and just another taste of Tom's great style.
Here is the pool bar (lots of bars and backgammon in Lyford). With a little LULU DK Fruit Punch fabric on the ceiling
And some fabulous yellow stripes at the beach (with 2 little beach muffins ;-)


  1. Love those fabrics! And the pineapple lamp! And your 2 precious boys!!

  2. What a wonderful place to get married Lulu!Tom did a great job....
    seeing your fabrics used is so fun!

    Art by Karena

  3. Beautiful fabrics on the pool bar! I bet the beach view is amazing ;) what a place to get married at!

  4. we love lyford. these photos make me miss it!

  5. Tom is such an amazing talent! ; ) Barbara

  6. Thank you for a peak into the club! As for those two muffins? - edible! KG

  7. So great to see finished project-I did a rendering for Tom for this project a while back. Turned out to be quite like the illustration! -although he toned down some of the fabrics


  8. I grew up in those rooms! Love them so much!!!
    Tarlton Pauley