November 27, 2010

A Few Great Things to Get Your House Holiday Ready!

Hunter Thompson Photograph

Briana Babani hand made pillows
African Baskets in great colors

                                         Give your coffee table a little organic love! Urchins.
Take a seat! I just bought these yesterday! Knitted Coral Pouf

                 I just can't stop with the jute, raffia, grasscloth, etc!  West Elm Pouf

                                              Can't take my eyes off of you!

                                                           Benches to die for

                                A little something From Todd Romano's new LA store

                                                                  Need I explain?

                      As my son, Francesco says when he wants something....."Me, I want"                             

                       A little preppy, but definitly speaking to me (in some lamp language).

Every entrance table needs a sculpture with a touch, to tell your guests that you have a little cool in you (no matter how uncool the rest of the house is)
                Love love love baskets for everything. West Elm is rocking the peace, love and granola in me.

                          And last ut not least...a little piece of "I am too sexy for this blog" stool


  1. Yes, yes! Me, I want! (the knitted pouf in particular.)

  2. great touches for any kind of holiday!

  3. Dear Lulu,

    I'm a huge fan and just discovered your blog, which I love reading. I will add all of the above items to my Christmas list. I have been very good this year so hopefully Santa will deliver.
    Thanks for the great post.
    Michael Hampton

  4. Wow... those beds!! And, that sofa! And...that West Elm basket is pretty perfect. ; )