November 12, 2010

Hotel Chic

Here is a great new blog I love. Hotel Chic by Sara Bliss. She just did a little post on my favorite getaway, so I thought I would share it. Ras Kutani Lodge on the coast of Tanzania is a truly deserted getaway. You need to take a little propeller plane that lands in the back yard to get there. (Safe to say I actually fell in love with my husband can do that to you). We were recommended to stay there by Peter Beard's wife, as a stop over/ recovery from a long wild safari we took into the middle of nowhere...which was fantastic. So fantastic that my book LULU got a whole inspiration chapter devoted to it. I haven't been back to Africa since then, but must say I am quite chuffed, as I was asked to go there by Traditional Home in March for a story they are doing on the newly done tented resort, Sanctuary Swala (I will write more about this closer to the time). Until then, pack your suitcase and go fall in love!

Inspiration from my Tanzania trip. Journal and artwork in my book LULU