November 15, 2010

The Trials and Tribulations of Running a Company

I am often approached by creative people looking to start their own business. There are many-a-wonder and satisfaction about being your own boss and running a business. But in certain cases the unavoidable is bound to smack you in the heart. For example, my new design Sunburst (above) was approved  ages ago...the mill sent me samples which i loved and posted, made postcards (also above)...but when the pre-production samples arrived (samples that show you what you will receive once the full ordered amount arrives) they were awful..blotchy, scratchy and just not up to LULU DK par. So I requested that they re-do them, which they did, but this time even worse. These things drive me crazy crazy crazy. We are onto the 6th rejected strike off...a disaster, but to make matters worse, I have 3 other designs i the works that they can't begin because they entail the same technique, which for whatever reason the mill and screen printers "suddenly" are unable to duplicate....SO i wait and wait until they can figure it out....but in the meantime, my fun new line is taking forever!!! These are the frustrations of matter what business, I imagine it strikes everyone....but argh and deep breath. Should have trial 7 by next week...Fingers crossed.


  1. I think oh wow she has such a successful business...she is so fortunate, then I realize with big success comes big headaches....but I think since its something you love to do you are already way ahead of most. I found that I love to do this sort of work and I feel so happy that it's truly something I love. In the end, you and I both know your fabrics will be out of sight....until then...ADVIL.

  2. Just when I thought the grass was greener. I know that this is just a hiccup in what is a very successful business. Until they get it right just make sure you've got some Advil by your bedside.

  3. As the old adage-"no pain, no gain!"
    Perhaps another mill or another quality of cloth - it is so fickle - the art of execution and the satisfaction of the final product's rewards!