December 16, 2010

It's Seated!

Here is my all time favorite holiday surprise. I hosted a Christmas dinner one year for 14 guest. I was trying to think of a nice (not-so-expensive) gift to give to each guest without driving myself crazy....tricky. While I was ordering Christmas stocking for my family members (there were a few new ones that had arrived that year ;-) and in laws coming to share in the joy...I was of course monogramming them ( as I love to do with everything to make it a tad more personal) I came across these needlepoint Land's End stocking that are beautiful, sophisticated and only $22 dollars!!! I though I will do one for all my Christmas dinner guests and make it double as their seated name card and take-home-gift. Genius! Everyone loved them, as they come in about 7 different styles, you can mix and match....( they can also rush them in about 5 days if you have any last minute guests). You can choose any company to do this with, as there are a lot of companies with cool stocking. West Elm has nice grosgrain ones. Pottery Barn Kids also has a fun selection.


  1. We ordered the Land's End stocking for each of the boys the year they were born - and still have them to hang every year. Love looking for new fun things to use as stuffers...