February 28, 2010

Albert Hadley- Forever A Genius

This could be the best room ever! Thank you Albert Hadley for being such an amazing talent and inspiration!

February 26, 2010

From Vision to Reality

This collage is the original inspiration behind our LULU DK floral fabric Minerva, beautifully used on the walls in the photo below, a room decorated by Markham Roberts....I did a rough sketch of this collage while travelling in Rascutani , a coastal town in Africa. I later made it into a collage and then a fabric.

We love this room decorated by Markham Roberts with our Minerva fabric on the walls! So amazing to see a thought realized like this. Red and white is always perfect. My grandmother's favorite colors hence the fabric named after her.

February 25, 2010

Pure Gold

Egypt circa 1400BC...is the ethereal feeling our new LULU DK woven sheers give off. Delicate, creamy whites, beiges and pastels touched with a hint of woven gold and metallic thread. They drape and flow beautifully and the real kicker is that they are contract grade...which means fire resistant. This is standard for hotels, but also a really great safety precaution for homes (particularly if you have children).

Below, is another line of contract fabrics we are just bringing out...Palermo. Lord knows...I love a rainbow!

February 24, 2010

My Weekly Gem

Even though I now live close to the ocean being in California, there is no replacement for the ocean I grew up in on Long Island...So I decided to bring it to my dining room in the form of a very large photo turned wallpaper. Most cities have a great film store and Duggal in New York City is responsible for the production of this one. I brought them my high res image and the wall measurements and they wonderfully brought Southampton into my home. Originally this room felt narrow and boxy and this image made it into an eye- opening paradise.

February 22, 2010

Light A Candle In Memory Of The One You Love.

My father passed away some 7 years ago from complications due to cancer. Today is his birthday. I am going to light a candle in memory of him. He was an amazing man; He fought during WWII with the RAF, spoke 12 languages and taught me so much about art, travel, culture, and survival...He truly believed in understanding all cultures and all people from the inside out. He taught me how to fight to really be what and who I wanted to be. I thank him every night in my prayers.

Glassbaby Forever: http://www.glassybaby.com/give.aspx is an amazing company with beautiful handblown votives and a percentage of the proceeds go to really good cancer charities, including a camp for critically ill children, a nurses' university school fund, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, and more. These are great gifts and comforts for anyone who's lost a loved one to cancer.

February 20, 2010

Butterfly Garden

I have been working on these butterflies, thousands of them in every color, shape and size. I was thinking perhaps to do them  throughout an entire room (more spread out of course). In any case, while painting...my thought quickly led to this...Spring is coming and now I am living in Los Angeles with twin 18 month boys and thought it would be a great idea to create a butterfly garden outside their room. This way they could watch not only the flowers blossom each Spring but also watch a sea of little friends flutter outside their window. So I did a little research to see what plants and flowers worked best for our soon to be new little  butterfly friends. Here is a butterfly garden websites that seemed easy enough to understand and follow. Plants, flowers and butterflies vary depending on your location, so make sure you research for your neck of the woods.

February 18, 2010

A Place In The Sun

As my fellow Capricorn, Henri Matisse said "seek the strongest color effect possible...the rest is of no importance." His cut-outs and color use have always been a great source of inspiration and appreciation to me. This magical outdoor space, taken by the great photographer Oberto Gili, is really my visual dream come true and a strong reason we decided to make my Paradiso design into an outdoor fabric (also by popular demand ;-) We, at LULU DK love how bold it is against summer beachy whites. (and yes, those are my little twins and jack russel)
Paradiso is also available in an indoor linen/cotton and bed linens.

February 15, 2010

My Weekly "gems" List

...aka some of my favorite things, people, creators, flowers, presents, inspirations...and generally everything that I would want to look at, admire, dream about, smell, eat, drink, and basically put in the center of my living room!...

I am a total eBay junky, so I couldn't start my "gems" list without my beloved brightly colored and patterned ikats. I love these textiles and I have made beautiful pillows with them. They bring a great beachy St. Tropez/ St. Barths feel to a house. The quality is good and they are really well priced compared to a lot of Ikats sold in stores. Uztextile and Antiquarian Textiles are my 2 favorite sellers.

February 13, 2010

Let's Wrap It Up!

Dear friends of my husband and mine are celebrating a "family" birthday. Since husband, wife and daughter all have their birthdays in the same month, they thought they would be economical and throw their birthdays all together. I love the idea, and thought I would be economical too...and ecological and wrap their presents in recyclables. Newspaper, recycled ribbon from past presents and painted cards on printer paper. It is so easy to make a gift look thoughtful, I promise. Wrap your present in leftover newspaper, tie a colorful ribbon (start saving the ones that you get on your gifts...they are great to reuse)! Drip some paint on a card or make circles with a pencil or colored pen if you don't have paint handy and throw in a flower, or leaf or branch or a shell or a lollipop, really whatever you have lying around or outside your front door...You will have a great ecological, recycled, free, beautifully wrapped present....

February 12, 2010

Thank you!

Thank you all for such wonderful feedback! We officially launched my LULU DK blog yesterday, although some of you got it a little earlier...All your comments have been really motivating, inspiring, some touching and all greatly appreciated by me. I am a newbee so I hope you keep coming back for more, as your advice, comments and thoughts are so helpful...and even a tad exciting ;-) I will keep trying to bring you as many inspiring tid-bits as I know and am able.

February 5, 2010

Color Always

Here is a new style I have been working on...ripped painted paper. It is extremely therapeutic to me, so I have done tons in every size, color and shape. We will see where it leads ;-)

February 2, 2010

Pattern Is In My Blood

Clearly pattern has been in my blood from a very early age. Here is my mother in front of the TWA terminal in NYC dressed, as always, in bright colored patterns.

I Started my Career As A Tromp L'oeil Painter

This was my first painting job in NYC after my return from Paris, my previous home for 5 years. I had so much fun painting these coral squares in Alex Kramer's very large bathroom. This design later lead to my LULU DK fabric called Icon.

My Design Process

I am often asked about the process of making fabrics. So as my print "Lily" (orange floral a few photos down) is being produced as I write, I will walk you through a brief process. First I handpaint my artwork onto cloth (painters drop cloth) with acrylic paint and coffee (coffee with milk makes the perfect beige tone).  Once the design is finished the screen printer will send me a rough replica on paper, to see if they have matched my vision properly. Once I approve this, they then carve a screen that will be used to print the fabric (a screen is usually a large metal or wood board that lays on a  long table and has carvings of the above design on it. In the mean time, I send color swatches (above) of all the different colorways I want the mill to do fabric samples of....meaning the above lilies will arrive on a fabric I choose with blue leaves, yellow leaves, etc...I will photograph these when they are ready. Stay tuned because that is the funnest part!

19 Gifts for Your Valentine

I was super excited to see Lulu's "I Love You" pillows featured as the #1 entry to Daily Candy's "19 Gifts for Your Valentine". The embroidery in Lulu's script is gorgeous and really pops against the crisp white linen. An excellent gift to give or receive this Valentine's Day! See the full feature on Daily Candy here.

Spring is Coming!

Spring is coming! - let your flower power blossom. Get some gorgeous floral prints from Lulu DK-these are some of our favorites! (for samples, email info@luludk.com).

(Shown top to bottom: Isis Mauve, Minerva Sand, Isis Cherry, Isis Butter, Ava Cherry, Isis Tourmaline, Minerva Beige with Blue, Seabreeze Mauve, Minerva Pale Blue, Ava Driftwood, Isis Butter, Minerva Chilipepper)