March 30, 2010

A Simple but Perfect Gem. My Favorite Gift to Give-

I just love these cube frames, and friends and family love receiving them. All it takes is 5 photos of the recipient's friends and family, and a little note. I print my photos on Epson photo paper straight from my computer, hand write a note and cut them to size...wrap with a bow and voila. The perfect gift ever for house-warming, Easter, birthday, thank you, or whatever you feel. You can find these frames in a lot of places, but Sam Flax is simple and you can buy them on line. Personal gifts are REALLY the best, and friends and family should always be reminded that they are loved and appreciated!

March 28, 2010

Bahamian Life

It is impossible to grow up in the Bahamas and not be influenced by Amos Ferguson's incredibly joyful and colorful paintings. Sadly Amos Ferguson passed away last October, but fortunately for us he left behind a body of work that reads like a visual day-by-day diary of the island he lived in and loved... Nassau, Bahamas. I remember when I was a child growing up in the Bahamas, I would just stare at all the little dots and colors meticulously placed on the canvas, recounting the moments when I new exactly where and what he was painting. The Bahamas has a very distinct flavor and he was certainly able to capture it in its purest form. My mother had a beautiful floral painting of Amos' given to her by my brother for her 70th birthday. It soon will be hanging over my bed (a beautiful memory). To learn more about Amos Ferguson, go to Galerie Bonheur or Princess Street Gallery.

March 25, 2010

Appreciation Again!

Stylebeat Covers Lulu!
Thank you Marisa of Stylebeat for your great LULU DK coverage. She is a much more thorough writer then me, so if you just can't get enought ;-) tap your fingers over to
Wallpaper above is my Palm Springs design.

March 21, 2010

Oh Yes I Will...

...make custom fabrics with your monogram on it! And any other fabric idea you may want me to imagine up. Check out our custom capabilities on our website, LULU DK

March 18, 2010


I truly believe you can never say THANK YOU enough...So thank you fellow blogger from My Dog-Eared Pages for your wonderful spread on my book LULU.

March 16, 2010

Petals Petals Everywhere

Spring is definitely coming to Los Angeles and the flowers are blooming everywhere...It is really, in my opinion, the best and most inspiring part of living here. There are mountains bursting in purple, yellow, blues, greens and every other color in the rainbow. I went to the flower market with my twins this weekend and they are truly captivated by the colors and shapes of all the different flowers and  petal pieces. We collected a few fallen petals in a basket which later found themselves scattered all over my studio floor. The designs above were inspired by the petal trail left behind ;-) Not sure what they will become, but was feeling springy and thought I would share a blooming moment.
I LOVE flower shops and these are a few of my favorite ones in LA...The new Rolling Greens Florist on Beverly Blvd 323-934-4500 (the main nursery is in Culver City) but they just opened a florist on Beverly Blvd. with not only flowers but also everything else home (bird cages, candles, bedding etc). It is great and worth a walk-about. Lily Lodge on Robertson which specializes in organic flowers and also has a great gallery/ gift area that sells amazing things. And Moe's on Melrose which is visually delicious.

March 13, 2010

Spring is Coming!

Here is a little more of my line for LULU DK Matouk. Loving the embroidered hand towels and throw pillows and how fresh and Springy everything feels! You can go to our website to see what stores carry everything near you. This line was really inspired by my love of nature and the garden...A lot of these flora and fauna designes originated from my collages from my book LULU...All the folks at Matouk and I thought they would translate well into bedding, so off I went to create renditions from my book and voila...

March 10, 2010

The CAD Has Arrived!

Here continues the story of how a fabric is made. As I mentioned in a previous blog posting, the bright yellow fabric above is my original artwork which we are in the process of making into a linen/cotton fabric. I send the original design to the screen making mill and they mimic the design the best they can on the computer in some case and by hand in others. They then send me a paper sample showing the fabric reproduction that shows how the fabric will look and how the colors will be divided. Once I approve it, they will make a screen. A screen is a large wooden or metal board that will lie on a table and create one color of the design There is a different screen for each color in the design. Each color of a design is printed individually and then left to dry so that the next screen can be placed on the table for the next color to be printed....and over and over. So the more colors a design has, the more screens a design has, the more runs a fabric goes through and of course the more time-consuming and expensive a fabric is.
In the design above I asked the screen maker to make this design a little washy and toned...Above is an extreme version showing the depth of variance I am able to achieve, if I desire. The design can be more single toned like the original or double toned like the CAD...depending on how extreme I choose the 2 colorways to be. This design has 2 colorways, so for it to be extreme I would pick a light yellow and a dark yellow. For it to be more single toned (like the original) I would pick 2 similar yellows....Once the CAD is approved the screen printers send the carved screens to the printing mill and they start on all my color ways. I will let you know when I receive those (the most fun part ;-).

March 8, 2010

Brotherly Inspiration

I am so grateful to my parents for giving me 5 siblings to grow and learn from. Fortunately for me, I am the youngest and was able to soak up all their creations, knowledge, inspirations, lessons, growing pains, experiences etc. I can not emphasize enough how much they have given me (most of the time without even knowing). All my siblings have creative talent, but my two brothers stand out...(both of which I will get to within this blog) but for now, Conrad...who is responsible for these beautiful LARGE stone structures. While spending the summer in Montauk at the home of Peter Beard, my brother produced these spectacles of inspiration...Each stone patiently picked from the beach and meticulously placed to create such beauty that sometimes I get a stomach ache from looking too long....from a feeling of such heightened beauty that I want to eat it, or possess it or make it a part of me...My brother has definitely given me a priceless appreciation for nature and its endless beauty. Thank you thank you.

March 5, 2010

Thank you everyone for your enthusiasm over the owls, flowers and butterflies! Many of you are curious as to what medium I use to paint these and what they were on, canvas etc...These creatures are actually all painted with acrylic Liquitex, house paint and pen on plain Staples card stock. Once I paint them then I cut them out...So they are in fact all cut out pieces. I tried to show them piled up in the above photo so you could see more clearly. In th photo below I just laid them out on a drop cloth. My book "LULU" is mostly used with these type of cut-outs. Keep the comments and questions coming...I love them!

March 3, 2010

A Few More Wild and Happy Creatures

When I published the butterflies everyone asked for more, so I thought I would show the full extent of my jungle-garden. I have...well...very many of these. A few months after my twins were born, I happened to have a little (big) bout of postpartum. It was hmm, not so fun...Well, you can't have a breakthrough without a breakdown, and this little circus of creatures was my breakthrough; very happy moments of creating as the sun began to shine again. I have so many of these that I thought it would be great fun to cover the walls of an entire space, gallery, entrance or room. Create a room-filled colorful world where every butterfly, bird, flower, owl and fish brings a smile.

March 1, 2010

A Perfect Fade

My husband is Italian, so we spend a good portion of our summers on the coast of Italy. They sell these great beach blankets that seem to have the perfect sun drenched fade. I loved all the toned petal pinks and lemonade yellows...My little ones loved rolling around on them too. The color and feeling were so pleasing that I brought out a wonderful line of pastels in all tones, grounds and finishes. Thick and thin linens, cottons and chintzes that all look like they have been beautifully soaked by the sun and sea.
Shown above are: Lucy, Ginger, Greta and Panarea

I love how these rooms by Miles Redd and photographed by Paul Costello capture this faded summer feel.