October 28, 2010

Lyford Cay

This is the Main Club at Lyford Cay in the Bahamas, just all redone by the interior designer, Tom Sheerer. He did a wonderful job keeping the "old school" flair. I actually had my wedding ceremony in this exact room. The french doors open up to a lawn that meets the ocean. There are many other rooms also redone by Tom Sheerer that are equally wonderful which I will try and post in the next few days.

Above is the backgammon room, equally chic and just another taste of Tom's great style.
Here is the pool bar (lots of bars and backgammon in Lyford). With a little LULU DK Fruit Punch fabric on the ceiling
And some fabulous yellow stripes at the beach (with 2 little beach muffins ;-)

October 24, 2010


This is my family home in Lyford Cay, Bahamas where I spent my youth. It is one of my largest sources of inspiration; a place that elicits memories, family history, and emotion so strong, I can see and feel them in every creation I make. There is a chapter devoted to the Bahamas in my book LULU, each fabric, wallpaper, bedlinen or piece of artwork I paint has a feeling, whether in color or style, that blossoms from this island retreat. My parents' home and a childs' Paradise Island....a paradise that at the age of 38 I still revel in as if it were the first and last time I will ever appreciate it again. Seven years ago we buried my father here, four years ago I was married here, 2 years ago I baptised my children here and now I am here with my family and siblings enjoying my last travelling moments before I give birth to my 3rd son. Here are a few images of the house...originally decorated by Sister Parish and then David Klienburg and now continually spruced up a little by me and a little by my sister. Available for rental through Sotheby's  http://www.serendipcove.com/

October 11, 2010

Lonny Magazine

Here are a few images of my home in Los Angeles, published in Lonny Magazine.
Also, a reader asked about the photo of my husband and his nephew from image 1. This was taken with an underwater disposable Kodak camera and blown up onto Plexi glass by Duggal Photo in NYC.
A few answers to some of the questions I've been asked: The Ark in my babies room is a Paul Smith Design from The Rug Company. The bedding is all LULU DK for Matouk. And I will take a shot of my kitchen for you all! Keep the comments and questions coming!

October 8, 2010

A Few Details on Working Materials

I have had a few comments asking about the process of how I paint, mediums I use etc...So I thought I would take a picture of my actual work space. I most often use Liquitex soft body acrylics for the colors and Benjamin Moore Super White flat interior house paint as my white. Water based paint almost all of the time. My palette is a plastic plate...easy to throw away and since acrylic dries very quickly, it is not worth trying to save what has been mixed. I often also paint with coffee...regular coffee with milk in it, as it makes a beautiful beige hue. For my textiles, I paint on raw canvas, not the expensive type from the art store but rather drop cloth from the paint store....as it holds the paint well and allows me to control the designs I am painting. For wallpaper designs, I usually use paper...either drawing with pencil or cutting with paper. To get an idea of this, my LULU DK Sunshine wallpaper design is all hand drawn and shaded with pencil. You can see it on my website. HERE. The collages from the book are a whole different story...I use every medium possible with the exception of oil based paints...I rarely use oil based products, I used them so much in Tromp L'oiel school in Paris that I think the mess and scent of it started to kill me. (literally and figuratively). The only remnant of toxic paints I use are white-out pens, which I love to use as the negative space and Elmer's Glue and Liquitex Matte Medium with I use on all my cut outs and collages. I also use every type of pen and pencil imaginable...that is pretty much it!