November 30, 2010

The start of my christmas shopping spree!

               What more can i say, it is just too perfect and cool! Colored pencils in a brass deco holder. Perfect for by the phone, desk etc.
                           Everyone wants luck! so here is a perfect gift to offer just that! .
I love this as a Christmas or hostess gift. Everyone loves to be called beautiful!

                                                       I bought this for my husband last year and he loves it. It is on our mantel and looks great...These are solid, well built beautiful gifts for the man in your life!

                                    And for the woman in your life....;-)

everyone loves love, so give it to them as a holiday gift so they can remember always:


i couldn't live without my soda machine....i used to lug bottles of Perrier home everyday (because I am an addict) and then my husband bought me this...add purified water and you get instant sparkling water from...helps on the trash too, no more bags of empty bottles!

Every house needs matches to light candles, fires, or just to have elegantly placed in an ashtray

ring-a-ling-in the holidays with this super cool retro phone

I love this to hold keys on the entrance table

Beautifully done reproductions from my book, blown up quite large, framed or unframed and available through CLIC Gallery

My book, LULU. The cover will brighten any coffee table...A book of inspiration, travel and love. What more could you offer your hostess.      
         The perfect gift for all aged children and these adorable handmade pj's come in every color, size shape, girls, name it!

                                                           HAPPY SHOPPING TO ALL!!!

November 27, 2010

A Few Great Things to Get Your House Holiday Ready!

Hunter Thompson Photograph

Briana Babani hand made pillows
African Baskets in great colors

                                         Give your coffee table a little organic love! Urchins.
Take a seat! I just bought these yesterday! Knitted Coral Pouf

                 I just can't stop with the jute, raffia, grasscloth, etc!  West Elm Pouf

                                              Can't take my eyes off of you!

                                                           Benches to die for

                                A little something From Todd Romano's new LA store

                                                                  Need I explain?

                      As my son, Francesco says when he wants something....."Me, I want"                             

                       A little preppy, but definitly speaking to me (in some lamp language).

Every entrance table needs a sculpture with a touch, to tell your guests that you have a little cool in you (no matter how uncool the rest of the house is)
                Love love love baskets for everything. West Elm is rocking the peace, love and granola in me.

                          And last ut not least...a little piece of "I am too sexy for this blog" stool

November 23, 2010

Here is a little something that could be fun, ThisNext a website that has just given itself a face lift has asked a handful of people to be their expert taste makers...In the fields of fashion, home, lifestyle, etc...We pick our favorite everything and they get posted. I am one of the decor experts and am featured today with some of my favorite things. Check it out and do a little early holiday shopping!

November 19, 2010

Coming soon to OKL

Yesterday I spent my day at my warehouse with the great photographers from One King's Lane photographing my collection of collected textiles, pillows, rugs and furniture...Mostly collected through my many travels around the world. I have so many of them that it was time to part with a few....So on December 4th 2010, One Kings Lane will be selling them off. There are beautiful hand woven Suzani throws and pillows, antique rugs, fun colored Ikat pillows, Kashmiries from Kashmir, India, woven rugs from Turkey...and some fun furniture pieces all covered in LULU DK Fabric. Mark your calender!!!

November 15, 2010

The Trials and Tribulations of Running a Company

I am often approached by creative people looking to start their own business. There are many-a-wonder and satisfaction about being your own boss and running a business. But in certain cases the unavoidable is bound to smack you in the heart. For example, my new design Sunburst (above) was approved  ages ago...the mill sent me samples which i loved and posted, made postcards (also above)...but when the pre-production samples arrived (samples that show you what you will receive once the full ordered amount arrives) they were awful..blotchy, scratchy and just not up to LULU DK par. So I requested that they re-do them, which they did, but this time even worse. These things drive me crazy crazy crazy. We are onto the 6th rejected strike off...a disaster, but to make matters worse, I have 3 other designs i the works that they can't begin because they entail the same technique, which for whatever reason the mill and screen printers "suddenly" are unable to duplicate....SO i wait and wait until they can figure it out....but in the meantime, my fun new line is taking forever!!! These are the frustrations of matter what business, I imagine it strikes everyone....but argh and deep breath. Should have trial 7 by next week...Fingers crossed.

November 13, 2010

A little gem for the artist within

I just did a posting on my new rugs with Diane Elson and Elson & Co., which is why I was so thrilled when I came upon this great company called Carpetzz. I always find it a tad frustrating when I read about others doing something that I wouldn't really know how to do myself (if I wanted to). So here is a great way to be your own creator...Perhaps you want to fulfill your own creative urge or perhaps you need the perfect gift, or perhaps (like me) you think your children are creative genius' and want to cement their talents beyond a piece of paper. Here is the perfect way....turn their (or your) art into a rug. Carpetzz will turn any design into a hand-tufted wool rug! Gotta love it! Above are a few samples of my twins work (with a little help)...One of them is our 3 year anniversary wrapping paper we made for my husband's present...He loves it so much we may just turn it into a rug for his office...(did someone say, Merry Christmas!)

November 12, 2010

Hotel Chic

Here is a great new blog I love. Hotel Chic by Sara Bliss. She just did a little post on my favorite getaway, so I thought I would share it. Ras Kutani Lodge on the coast of Tanzania is a truly deserted getaway. You need to take a little propeller plane that lands in the back yard to get there. (Safe to say I actually fell in love with my husband can do that to you). We were recommended to stay there by Peter Beard's wife, as a stop over/ recovery from a long wild safari we took into the middle of nowhere...which was fantastic. So fantastic that my book LULU got a whole inspiration chapter devoted to it. I haven't been back to Africa since then, but must say I am quite chuffed, as I was asked to go there by Traditional Home in March for a story they are doing on the newly done tented resort, Sanctuary Swala (I will write more about this closer to the time). Until then, pack your suitcase and go fall in love!

Inspiration from my Tanzania trip. Journal and artwork in my book LULU

November 8, 2010

Did you know?

That I do rugs with Diane Elson, founder of Elson & Company rugs. The first image are a samples of new rugs we just completed and the below rug is one that is already available. We are also working on broadlooms which will be great. Elson & Co. works with great designers, such as Oscar de la Renta, Cathrine Ireland and many more. Please go to for more info.