December 29, 2010

Having a Quilty Moment!

                                                                        AMISH QUILT

Loving these quilts that I found on eBay....I have never actually been much of a quilt person, but while searching for things for my new beach house, I have become mesmerized by these bright, almost modern looking quilts. Attached is just a touch of what is available, but I must say It has made my mind spin with inspiration...I am imagining a whole fabric line in these prints, how fun would that be! p.s all of these are available on eBay right go brighten your bedroom up for the New Year!

December 23, 2010

December 20, 2010

And for the top of the tree!

Here is another version of our collected branches. These twigs are a little larger, but done the same way...with elastic bands to hold them and then I just went a little more crazy with the colored grosgrain ribbon. These are great on top of the tree or as little gifts.

December 18, 2010

Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments

I was brought up as a hunter-and-gatherer, learning to make things with nature rather then running to the store to buy them. So my 2 sons and I collected a bunch of twigs in the park, tied them together with some colored elastic bands and added grosgrain ribbon and voila...great Christmas tree ornaments! My husband thinks I have gone voodoo crazy on him, but I think they are totally earthy and cool and a great activity to do with the kids (not to mention economical!)

December 16, 2010

It's Seated!

Here is my all time favorite holiday surprise. I hosted a Christmas dinner one year for 14 guest. I was trying to think of a nice (not-so-expensive) gift to give to each guest without driving myself crazy....tricky. While I was ordering Christmas stocking for my family members (there were a few new ones that had arrived that year ;-) and in laws coming to share in the joy...I was of course monogramming them ( as I love to do with everything to make it a tad more personal) I came across these needlepoint Land's End stocking that are beautiful, sophisticated and only $22 dollars!!! I though I will do one for all my Christmas dinner guests and make it double as their seated name card and take-home-gift. Genius! Everyone loved them, as they come in about 7 different styles, you can mix and match....( they can also rush them in about 5 days if you have any last minute guests). You can choose any company to do this with, as there are a lot of companies with cool stocking. West Elm has nice grosgrain ones. Pottery Barn Kids also has a fun selection.

December 15, 2010

My Christmas Picks on This Next

 Check out my Christmas picks on the new and improved shopping website This Next. I work as one of the decor "tastemakers" for the site...Happy Holidays and happy shopping!
P.S the fabric in the background is my new LULU DK "Colors".

December 7, 2010

My new print is in!

My new print "COLORS" has arrived in style from the mill! (the print is in the background- 5 different colorways). The lady is my mother boarding a Pan Am flight...flying was another story in those days...My sister got confused and thought the whole image was a fabric, so not to be confused, just the strips of fabric in the back are the fabrics....the rest is just for fun. I realize that this fabric is an either love or hate type of thing....but I JUST LOVE IT. I can not wait to cover my whole room with one of these prints. They have a little old school Palm Beach to them, but are taken from the ripped pieces designs I do (below).

The inspirations for my new print, "COLORS". Call my office at 212--223-4234 for more information.

December 3, 2010

Don't Miss Out!

My One King's Lane sale starts tomorrow, December 4th at 11am ET, 8am PT. Don't miss out! These are textiles, pillows, blankets, rugs, vintage furniture pieces, etc that I have collected from all around the world on my many a trip to Africa, India, Turkey, South East Asia, Peru, Paris, etc...and am now selling!!! (trust me, I have tons tons more) but for now it was time to slim down my collection before they started busting through all my cabinets. Happy shopping!