January 19, 2011

St Barths

 I have a show going on in St Barths at CLIC Gallery. Christiane Celle (former owner of Calypso) has turned a selection of works from my book LULU into beautifully framed lithographs and large canvas'. They look almost exactly like the originals but half the price. If you are interested in purchasing any, you can go to stbarth@clicgallery.com or call +590 (590) 297017.


  1. Dear Lulu,

    I have always been a great fan. I leave for St Barths in a few weeks and seeing your paintings got me very excited to go. How long will your paintings be up in the gallery? Would love to see them during my visit.

    Michael Hampton

  2. I live too far away but I would love to see them too. Wonderful work, Lulu!

  3. Ah..Cheers!
    To a running success of your creative genius.

  4. I so enjoyed hearing your story last night at the Smarty event, and I am a huge fan especially of your collages. Just looking at them makes me wish that I had made them myself.
    I started my own rug line last year and it was really inspiring to hear the passion in your voice as you spoke about your industry, I mean company. That was so cute. Thanks so much for participating in the event and sharing.


    Ginna Christensen