February 22, 2011

Light A Candle For The One You Love

Today would have been my father's 86th birthday. He passed away 8 years ago from complications related to cancer. He was an amazing man, whose light guides me every day...I actually feel his presence more now then I did when he was alive. It is crazy, sad, and yet somehow magical all at the same time. I pray to him all the time and know that he listens...When I am doing a speech, I ask for his help, when I am writing an important letter, I ask for his help, when I painted my entire book LULU, he was sitting next to me guiding me.. just the other night I did a talk in front of a group of people and found myself in a pickle...I said "daddy help" and my pickle was resolved. Crazy but beautiful and true. So to thank my father for his guidance, I light a candle and say a prayer in his memory. (Above is my father, mother and 4 eldest siblings. Both my mother and father have passed from cancer)

I wrote about what an inspiration my father was to me at his last birthday and posted about this Glassbaby Candle Company. I write about it again, because I am drawn to the beauty and sacrifice of the founder whom also lost her struggle with cancer and therefore donates a large percentage of her company's earnings to those who walked the same path.. My father was also a huge giver, a quality I strive to emulate. Glassbaby is a company that makes beautiful candles for beautiful reasons.

 Goodwill is the foundation of glassybaby

"To honor those who have walked her same path, founder Lee Rhodes established the glassybaby goodwill program, which has brought light and hope to thousands of people who are facing their own battles. During her cancer treatment, Lee met many other patients who could not afford even daily needs such as bus fare, childcare, or groceries. Today, much of the money donated by glassybaby goes directly toward meeting those basic needs."


  1. Loss is incredibly difficult and I am so glad that you find peace, comfort and motivation in his everlasting presence. This Friday my family will light a candle in memory or my dad's passing. It will be 11 years on March 1st. Time sure does fly.
    Happy birthday Mr. Henryk De Kwiatkowski!

  2. I'm sorry about your father. Mine is at the end stages of renal cancer and we hate seeing his deterioration. I think the glassybaby votives are the cutest things ever.

  3. Lulu,

    You are so inspiring to hold your families memory close at heart.

    I remember when you 1st posted the image of those candles. Interesting how someone or something makes such an impression on us.

    Art by Karena

  4. Beautifully written. I love that you find solace in the light of those who were so bright in your life and still are somehow guiding you ~ I love those who honor goodwill and have a bright and generous heart.
    Our basic needs are such a luxury when we really think about it !

  5. I just visited glassbaby and bought "ocean" in honor of my parents. Thank you for the inspiration. It was difficult to choose, but the ocean is where we had our happiest family days {in Amagansett}. I'm sure I will buy many more glassbaby votives. They are lovely. Thanks for sharing your parent love!

  6. This post brought tears to my eyes...I almost lost my dad last month, this month he just turned 82, and I am beyond grateful to still have him in my life. He is a great source of light and inspiration to me.

  7. Well, I'm happy to say that Lee is alive and well and working as hard as ever for glassybaby. Just spoke with her and she is full of joy and light.
    Lucky us.

  8. What a beautiful post Lulu.



  9. It is always so beautiful when your relationship continues with someone even after their passing. I'm happy for you that your father continues to be a source of support and love. I received my first glassybaby this past December from a friend and they really have a special feel to them.