March 3, 2011

Design Your Own Cake

I love a good source and this little one is precious. My friend Ruthie Sommers ( a lot of you probably know her as a fantastic interior designer) put me onto this yummy cake making company. For those of you who have children you learn quickly the need for fun themed cakes and birthday/ holiday goodies. This is what Modern Bite in Los Angeles does. Ruthie asked for daisies and they sent her this selection of drawings below to choose from and play with....I think totally cool and fun and definitely worth a mention for that next birthday party! They are delicious and they will deliver. I like the idea of sending your own creation to a friend as their birthday present! One car and one choo-choo-train for me please!

1 comment:

  1. Love this! I might just do this for my daughter's birthday this month. Thanks for sharing!