April 9, 2011

If you can not make it to the show, I will bring my show to you!

These are some of the prints from the show...If you cant make it to the gallery then voila! These are all signed limited editions of 12. They come in prints or canvas' and are really beautifully reproduced. I was very pleased with them. Call Polly at CLIC Gallery in NY 212-966-2766 or http://www.clicgallery.com/

My art opening was April 6th and had an amazing turnout and response. Enjoy!
Check out James' Andrews fabulous Blog mention: http://www.whatisjameswearing.com/

And in WWD  http://www.wwd.com/eyescoop/lulu-de-kwiatkowski-gets-a-collage-exhibit-3574654

and in Avenue  http://tiny.cc/zf53w


  1. THANK YOU!!!! Would love to have seen it in person!!

  2. So beautiful...Congratulations!

  3. I like the creativeness and innovation of the prints you share in the post.I like some print stuff for decorating my porch and sun room.

  4. just found you, and am already in love. these are amazing! you're so creative and talented!!! thank you so much for sharing