May 26, 2011

Let The Games Begin!

Nothing says summer like a little backgammon. Backgammon is one of the oldest board games, believed to have begun in Mesopotamia during the time of the Persian Empire. The game of Kings and for good reason, it is fun,  portable (as you can see from the Slim Aarons image above) and very important to complete every home. My father was a huge backgammon player and hence I was brought up on the game. I happened to include the table/ area  in our house in Bahamas (below) that I learned and played backgammon for most of my life.

Lyford Cay, Bahamas backgammon room. A very big sport in Lyford!

Although I am more a fan of the classic leather or needlepoint backgammon board, here is a fun backgammon board from Ara and Jack Peterson
Another classic is the tric-trac table above from 1stdibs, which happen to be beautiful I actually have one exactly like this that was a gift from my father when he passed away. I love it (although for the last few years it sadly found its place as a baby changing table in my NY apartment, but not for long, as I have transported it to Southampton for a little summer celebration!
The classic...T. Anthony. A splurge, but a must.

Jonathan Adler makes a fun needlepoint version too, but his website images are to blurry so here is the link

Additionally eBay has some of the best, slightly aged leather backgammon boards...That is were I go to get them!



  1. Oh thank you for the lovely reminder that Backgammon means time spent together - with a serious dose of play!

  2. I am making a needlepoint backgammon board insert. Is there a source for a tray or table made for needlepoint.