July 9, 2011

Thank You Stylebeat!

Thank you Marisia from Stylebeat for the great coverage on my new china line, which is available through Neiman Marcus and Horchow and now if your in the Hamptons at Hildreth in Southampton and Easthampton. Check out the Stylebeat story to catch all the details...As she says better then I ever could!
To purchase the mugs, you can go to http://www.heightscollection.com/search.htm?keyword=lulu        


  1. You have the mugs pictured but I don't see them on the Neiman Marcus or Horchow sites - did they sell out?

  2. Thank you Lulu just saw this today when you showed it to me! Many thanks for the shout and I hope it is doing well! Lovely to see you as always

  3. These are such amazing pieces.
    I will look for them on my next visit to the states. Tulips are my favourite!

    Have a great day.
    Priscilla Joy