August 1, 2011

Dont miss out on a few of my favorite things!

As most of you know, I am having a sale on OKL right now. There are still some of my favorite things that haven't sold...Perhaps because the photos aren't so good...So i thought I would share some of the items in the placement of my NY apartment. Here are the 2 chocolate and white cushions that are for sale. They are a beautiful brushed and raised cotton velvet.

Here are the 2 long tree oil paintings that I did. This is an image of the green one and there is an amber one too. They are flanking the walls in my apartment and kind of finished the space well.

This red square large painting is probably the best I have ever done. It is 6'x6' and filled with deep layers and shades of watermelon, coral, reds etc.
There is also a smaller 4'x4' which is great too.

Here are the images of my brothers paintings, which are totally amazing.

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