November 15, 2011

The Art of Color Coordinating

Vogue Daily — Lulu deKwiatkowski's Library
Here is a little something from Vogue this morning....My old NYC apartment where I happened to color coordinate my library. Color Coordinating books can totally change a room. I did mine one day when waiting to leave on a trip to India. I was totally packed and ready to go, but I had 2 hours until it was time to catch my flight. Being that my main book shelf was smack in the middle of my living room meant it needed to have a little pizazz (it certainly could not afford to be a mess). So i took EVERYTHING off the shelf and started from scratch. I threw a way a ton of old magazines and catalogs and started dividing all the books by color. At first it was a total accident and then I noticed what a world of difference it made. It actually made visitors giggle when they saw to say "that's kind of cool.... with a touch of UCD!)


  1. Lulu I really love it; a great look!


    Art by Karena

  2. I've done both and must say that the coordinated stacks look great, especially when the books act as one of the room's focal points. Of course, it helps that your dress fits right into the space!

  3. Oh lordy, I've done the same thing. The thing is though, as an artist, I tend to remember everything by color. I know "Living A Beautiful Life" has a red spine, I know "An Affair with a House" is green, "The New Traditional" is white. I have so many books, it helps me find them. I suppose there is the whole alphabetizing thing- but that's so overdone... :)

  4. Great idea! So simple,but big impact...thx for the idea.

  5. I've been in a clean out mode all week and I actually think I'll try this over the weekend. I LOVE books but I'm not sure I have enough to make an impact just yet. We'll see! BTW this is idea total catnip for this OCD girl;) Have a bright day!

  6. I did it! So easy and a nice change:) Thanks for the idea!