November 15, 2011

The Art of Color Coordinating

Vogue Daily — Lulu deKwiatkowski's Library
Here is a little something from Vogue this morning....My old NYC apartment where I happened to color coordinate my library. Color Coordinating books can totally change a room. I did mine one day when waiting to leave on a trip to India. I was totally packed and ready to go, but I had 2 hours until it was time to catch my flight. Being that my main book shelf was smack in the middle of my living room meant it needed to have a little pizazz (it certainly could not afford to be a mess). So i took EVERYTHING off the shelf and started from scratch. I threw a way a ton of old magazines and catalogs and started dividing all the books by color. At first it was a total accident and then I noticed what a world of difference it made. It actually made visitors giggle when they saw to say "that's kind of cool.... with a touch of UCD!)