December 31, 2011

A Happy New Year Toast To All!

Happy New Years to all my wonderful followers. Thank you. Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy, inspiring new years...A beautiful journey filled with love, sharing, giving, hugging, laughing, tranquility and joy. This year proves to be a very exciting one for LULU DK. We have a lot of great things in the mix. We are about to bring out  a very new and fresh "Garden Line" filled with butterflies, birds, organic shapes and delicious colors which will be available, as always, through Donghia.We are also about to bring out a GREAT line of children's fabrics with Schumacher, which will be launching this April. In January I will be doing a big sale with OKL of all the collages in my book LULU. In April we will have a fun pop-up shop with Gilt, selling a mix of everything; original interior prints, new items, collected items etc. And of course we will keep doing beautiful things with Matouk, including bedding, tabletop, towels, etc. I will of course keep you posted on everything. Check out's Travel Diaries of my Christmas Holidays...Along with Diane VonFurstenburg etc.

December 20, 2011

A Short Visual Story

I am a fan! My dear friend Gabriella Stollenwerck has started this great video making company to help promote brands. Quick, cool, snappy videos that share the face behind a brand through video. Photos and words will always be magical but video really brings the story to reality. Please feel free to contact her for further information. Here is my video. I think they did a great job.

If you would like your own snappy video, feel free to contact her at: 310-987-7646

December 4, 2011

Paint, Glitter, Pom-Poms and Fabulous!

Martha Steward might cringe at the sight of our hand painted (by both children and parent alike)Christmas ornaments, but there is nothing better then a day of holiday creation and cheer. What a great day...Everyone had a blast making their beautiful Christmas ornaments. I have always been a fan of the handmade item and they always make the most thoughtful amusing gifts. An ornament painting afternoon is so easy to organize and not expensive at all! Really all it took was a trip to Rite aid or Target. Colorful pom-poms, paint, glitter, glue, ribbons, feathers and plastic Christmas balls and viola...some snacks for the children and cheer for the grown-ups and you have a great great day!

December 2, 2011

My Favorite Time of Year!

I love Christmas time. My most fond memories are the moments when my mother had me and my 5 siblings create things for Christmas. Everything during Christmas time with 6 children becomes an event. We would all make Christmas cookies, each with our own bowl of dough to create what we could imagine up with green and red sprinkles, Santa cutouts, etc. We would create garland made from nic-nacs around the house, gingerbread houses etc, all useful ware as gifts for the extended family members. Decorating the tree was the best event of all, with 1000 of beautiful ornaments that we had to carefully place on the tree, careful not to break any. It was all magic to me.

Last year my husband came home with the ultimate no-no...plastic Christmas ball ornaments for the tree. With a grimace I thought "where on Earth will I hide those for the rest of our lives"...

 However, as it turned out, it turned into the best thing ever! One day as I was chatting with my sister, i happened to have paint lying around and started half-hazardly doodling on one cheesy fake gold plastic little bobble and noticed it was becoming quite fantastic....Hence a new event was created! Painting Christmas ornaments. Since I have twin 3 year old boys (who you can see on my studio wall) who love to dabble with the brush, i decided we would have a little party inviting a handful of my nearest and dearest from LA and their children to come participate in some ornament decorating. So, thanks to my husband, off i went to get a barrel of plastic ornaments at Target and Rite aid...a little glitter, some pom-poms, Elmer's glue, some Tempura paints. If you wanted to do this yourself, you probably could decorate right onto the gold or silver or red or whatever plastic color you get...I chose to paint some of mine white (with white Primer water based paint that you can get at any hardware store)....So our party is tomorrow and I promise to document it.