February 15, 2012

Lacquer it up!

David Hicks (top image with cat) Steven Gambrel (two above images)

Miles Redd (above 3 images) 
I grew up in a library decorated by Sister Parish, the walls were lacquered deep cranberry red. I had a dream last night that the new resident (my stepmother) had painted the library this amazing blue-green-celedon ocean color in a thick glossy lacquer. It was stupendous. Generally speaking, I have always preferred colored grasscloth over paint to achieve color on walls. However my dream made me want more painted ocean colors on the wall, greens, blues, celedons, so as I thought about the lacquer walls, I remembered a room I had seen by Steven Gambrel , Miles Redd, and of course David Hicks whom had all done rich lacquer ocean toned rooms. They do it better then anyone else and it is a great way to make a bland sometimes flat looking paint appear beautiful, original and full of life. Here are a few wall colors and ideas that I am loving right now. NOTE: As much as I am a do-it-yourselfer, lacquer should really really be done by a professional. However if you want to just repaint furniture or bits and pieces the only paint to use is Fine Paints of Europe 1-800-332-1556.


  1. Lulu I love the look of high gloss lacquer. It adds so much glow to a room!

    Art by Karena

  2. Lulu - great spaces and the generous use of color is done really well here. It's really inspirational - like your fabrics, too!