February 3, 2012

A Valentines Giveaway!

                   Go to our Facebook page and enter to win a LULU DK for Matouk LOVE pillow in Valentine's red! I must admit, we at LULU DK have been somewhat slow with the Twitter and Facebook world, (being of a creative nature and not having a gaggle of assistants helping me to paint it seemed a little much for me to handle another outlet beyond my beloved blog, such as Facebook and Twitter, but we love our fans and clients and have so much we want to share and want to hear, so up up and away we (at LULU DK) go to make LULU DK a little more social savvy. To help in our efforts we have hired a fabulous new company (same company that did my video) Bsmart Interactive to initiate our Facebook and Twitter growing process. So first off, we are going to be keeping you abreast of LULU DK happenings, I will give you weekly design tips and we will have occasional GIVEAWAYS like the Valentines Embroidered LOVE pillow. Through time I will be giving away signed LULU books, some unframed prints, and other doodads...So check us out on Facebook, follow us on Twitter...and like like like us!


  1. Just entered! Fingers crossed:)

  2. I went over to facebook!! I would adore winning this fab giveaway! I love it in red and blue!!

    Art by Karena