March 31, 2012

Albert Hadley Dies at 91

A legend dies....So sad. Since the start of my career, I have always been greatly inspired by Albert Hadley. He brought a style, color, and innovation that was ahead of its time. To read about his wonderful life, please go here. As a child my father had his house decorated by Sister Parish during the time Parish-Hadley Interiors was at its height of recognition. I never met Mr Hadley then, but once i started my career in the design world, I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Albert Hadley a few times. The first time i had ever seen him was when he came to visit my Ebay Designer Showroom. I was chuffed as he walked from one side of the room to the other approvingly, shoock my hand graciously and left down the stairs. Next I went over to his precious townhouse office around the corner from mine in NY on Madison and the 60's. He kindly lent me whatever photos i wanted for my upcoming book. His office was like an apartment filled with memorable items and was quintessential Hadley style. The next and last time I met Albert Hadley I went soft at the knees when I noticed he had come to hear me make a presentation about my design process at the Donghia Showroom in NY. Such a gentle, wise, talented man...I will most certainly always look to his touch of creativity and passion in all my years to come. Say hello to my mother and father Mr Hadley, I am sure they would love to greet you in Heaven!

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