March 25, 2012

Some things I am loving (and most definitely need in life)

Floral Japanese Washi Tape Little Garden Paper Flower Pattern Masking Tapes Set of 3
Floral Japanese Washi Tape Little Garden Paper Flower Pattern Masking Tapes Set of 3
Washi Tape

Brown Washi Tape Horizontal Striped Lines 15mm Japanese MT Masking Tape - PrettyTape
Navy Blue Washi Tape Horizontal Striped LINES 15mm Japanese MT Masking Tape - PrettyTape
Classic Stripe Masking Tape
I use so much tape for everything and just hate seeing bland packages sent by UPS. Why aren't boxes colored and decorated? So maybe that would be a little busy, but adding some great colored cool, pretty, fun, unique, elegant is that!

masking tape notebook, brown notebook, with striped colored washi tapes, custom made for you,  for all your thoughts
Colorful Japanese Masking Washi Tape Pack of 12 - Pretty Rainbow
Masking Tape
And these amazing colored tapes to decorate packages, presents, books, or Easter Eggs!

Modern Decorative Eco Cotton Tape - for Stamping - White Deco Tape (S)
Eco Cotton Fabric Tape: And this fabulous fabric tape that sticks to glass...Love! Very important when i have family parties and need to prevent children from drinking out of certain potent fruity cocktails! Or you can put them on your painted Easter eggs with a note to Grandma.

Self adhesive fabric masking tape / fabric sticker  - Floral lawn ( multi)
Fabric Masking Tape...And hello! I could tape my wrist with these amazing fabric tapes

Koi Fish Rubber Stamp Japanese ( Small )
fish stamp (You could use these on Easter Eggs too!)
Striped Feather - Hand Carved Stamp
feather stamp
Peacock Feather Hand Carved Stamp
Peacock Feather
I am a total fan of the handwritten thank you, love, hello, good-bye note, and what better way to make it charming and personal then by adding these really pretty stamps to any white (or colored) stationary...or to put them all over a present wrapped in simple white paper
Custom Stamps :Or you can make your own at the Stamp Maker!

Melissa & Doug Stamp Pad And this is the best stamp pad out there. I love to get half the stamp in one color and the other half in the color next to it, so the design comes out multi-colored...It can make a really beautiful design.


  1. I've never actually seen washi tape (other than in pictures). These are absolutely beautiful.

  2. Love the tapes! Hope you don't mind if I repost them on my blog and link back to you! Gorgeous! And the peacock feather--ingenious! Perfect for a bride having a peacock theme wedding!