April 7, 2012

Easter Painting at my House!

Easter painting (of course) was always one of my favorite days. So i keep the tradition going with friends and family, young and old. This is my backyard in Los Angeles.

Everyone gets their own dozen

Very focused group

My eggs ;-) I threw in some Pantone pens this year, and they make a great splash

My friend Ariana and her daughter Fiore's batch...Loving the Pantone pen abstractions

My friend Natalie working her magic inspired by the beautiful eggs in previous post (which she sent to me)

Her Magic

Final result...waiting for the Easter bunny. I love to invite friends and family over for a big day of painting, pizza making (they sell amazing pizza dough at Trader Joe's, you can literally make the most amazing pies that seem right of the streets of Rome)...Lemonade spiced or not, PAAS paints, Pantone pens, crayons, plastic/paper table cloth, eggs and friends and family and you have an amazing yearly tradition that makes bunny proud. Happy Painting!


  1. After your presentation today (introducing your line at Schumacher), I have to say, I spotted the "I Love You" egg (in your dozen) and smiled! I feel a bit terrible that I've deprived my children of Easter egg decorating (my triplets have never exprerienced this activity - and my 11-year old has been put on hold for 4 year) so you've shown me that this can be a really fun family activity and not just a messy craft for the kids. (I get thrown off by the kits with the stickers that you place on the eggs after dye-ing them - and think, "I'm not buying this! Too tacky!" even though I know my kids will love the sticker part. So I love your idea with the Pantone pens and Sharpies!) The eggs you did were beautiful!

  2. Such fun and such fun results,I am going to be a copy cat next Easter.