April 4, 2012

Easter Time!

I have always loved Easter...Painting eggs, finding them, colors and pastels, candy and the best of all when i was younger the Easter bunny would leave a wonderful basket of goodies at the end of my bed, pure joy. Every year me and my 5 other siblings would be given a carton of eggs to beautify....We were a Paas family, but now as i am older and have some kiddies of my own looking to do a little Easter magic, i have been hunting some new creative ideas. I love all of these idea. Particularly the simple black Sharpie design...so easy, elegant, original and totally cool. I am reeving up for my little Easter painting day and will for sure have a set of sharpies...also crayons, glue, stamps and ribbon and of course Paas. I will keep you posted on our development, but until then I thought I would share a little of my inspiration from these very creative being.

1 comment:

  1. They are all lovely - but the sharpie ones are quite fabulous - something a little different.