May 1, 2012

TWO windows at the D&D

LULU DK new fabric line at Donghia
I have spent 10 years walking in and out of the D&D Building in New York City forever admiring the beautiful lobby windows.  A short row of vignette windows, beautifully creative and always telling a lovely fabric story. So you can imagine my utter glee when this Monday morning LULU DK had not only ONE window display but TWO!!!!! WOW O WOW and Wohooooooo is really all I can say. One is for our fabulous new line of fabrics I have done for our LULU DK line at Donghia, which will officially launch this Thursday May 3rd at the Donghia Showroom (feel free to stop over for a drink at 5:30pm). The other window is for the child's line I just did for Schumacher. Our line at Donghia is a little more adult with gold and silver, chocolate browns, etc and the other line at Schumacher is much more focused on the whimsical yet sophisticated child, with bright colors, animals, sailboats, large stars etc, as you can see from the images. I am truly grateful to both Donghia and Schumacher for your amazing displays, support and appreciation of LULU DK!


  1. how exciting! bravo, and get in mahhh belly, schumacher print!


  2. Interesting and appealing. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I'm really excited to see the Donghia line! after having seen your presentation on your Schumacher one.