April 29, 2012

Sunday Flowers

As summer sets upon us, so do the amazing flowers. Our garden is booming here in Los Angeles. These are my Sunday flowers that i painted today. My husband has been with the boys all day and i have had the luxury of doing my 2 favorite things....Painting and Pinning ;-)

April 25, 2012

Love use of LULU DK Fabrics!

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Love what Eddie Ross did with my favorite LULU DK fabric COLORS.


Definitely a table i want to sit at ;-)

April 13, 2012

More of my LULU DK for Schumacher Childs line

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Check out the whole line here. This line is a lot of fun and getting a huge response. I spoke in front of a crowd of 200 yesterday in Boston and just loved and appreciated the smiles the line brought to everyones face. Exactly what I wanted to achieve...A VERY VERY HAPPY LINE. If you would like to hear me speak about the line again, i will be  presenting it in NYC at the D&D on May 16th. Otherwise you can check out the full page story in this months ElleDecor.

April 10, 2012

Follow me on Pinterest!

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Slim Aarons
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From studdedhearts.blogspot.com
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From elementsofstyleblog.com

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love these! find out where to get them on my Pinterest Page ;-)
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and these...
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From ellaandlouise.com
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Tim Walker

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Go to my Pinterest to find where to buy these!
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Great Painted Floor!
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Mario Testino
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Beautiful Piece byLulie Wallace
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Great hair print combo!
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Albert Hadley
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I have officially become a pinner. I am slightly obsessed with Pinterest, and have been loving the visuals that everyone shares....Beautiful images all seem to come together, it is a real inspirational journey travelling through everyones' pages and photos. I think a real visual treat and inspiration, like looking at 1000 amazing magazines one after the other without the ads. It is like a visual diary or journal through images. I have a few different chapters including fashion, favorite places, things i have bought, things i want to buy, things that inspire me, prints i love and so on. If you want to take a peek at my page, feel free...It is still fairly new (a week new), so feel free to follow me, or re-pin me or whatever makes you happy. Got HERE to find me. P.S you will need to register with Pinterest if you have not already.

April 7, 2012

Easter Painting at my House!

Easter painting (of course) was always one of my favorite days. So i keep the tradition going with friends and family, young and old. This is my backyard in Los Angeles.

Everyone gets their own dozen

Very focused group

My eggs ;-) I threw in some Pantone pens this year, and they make a great splash

My friend Ariana and her daughter Fiore's batch...Loving the Pantone pen abstractions

My friend Natalie working her magic inspired by the beautiful eggs in previous post (which she sent to me)

Her Magic

Final result...waiting for the Easter bunny. I love to invite friends and family over for a big day of painting, pizza making (they sell amazing pizza dough at Trader Joe's, you can literally make the most amazing pies that seem right of the streets of Rome)...Lemonade spiced or not, PAAS paints, Pantone pens, crayons, plastic/paper table cloth, eggs and friends and family and you have an amazing yearly tradition that makes bunny proud. Happy Painting!

April 4, 2012

Easter Time!

I have always loved Easter...Painting eggs, finding them, colors and pastels, candy and the best of all when i was younger the Easter bunny would leave a wonderful basket of goodies at the end of my bed, pure joy. Every year me and my 5 other siblings would be given a carton of eggs to beautify....We were a Paas family, but now as i am older and have some kiddies of my own looking to do a little Easter magic, i have been hunting some new creative ideas. I love all of these idea. Particularly the simple black Sharpie design...so easy, elegant, original and totally cool. I am reeving up for my little Easter painting day and will for sure have a set of sharpies...also crayons, glue, stamps and ribbon and of course Paas. I will keep you posted on our development, but until then I thought I would share a little of my inspiration from these very creative being.