August 30, 2012

Bloomspot Story

Nice story from Bloomspot...Check it out! Loving this Blog, thanks guys!
ps. that is my office in LA above ;-) I am sitting there now!

August 15, 2012

The Full LULU DK Fabric Line!

DREAMERS-Print on linen with gold and silver detail

BAILEY AMAZING OUTDOOR-Feels like cashmere (as quoted from Michael Boodro of ElleDecor)

DANCERS-printed linen

PLANTATION-Printed linen

RAINBOW-printed linen

Washy linen (love!)

OCEAN-printed linen

TIDES-wvoen linen (love!)

HARLOW-another fantastic OUTDOOR woven

IVY-linen print

Please contact LULU DK at 212-223-4234 for ordering and details

August 11, 2012

Our new LULU DK Fabric line is officially out!

Butterflies, birds, geometrics named Rainbow, Plantation, Ocean and Ivy in bright colors mixed with hints of gold and silver...This is my line inspired by Mother Nature, my truest form of inspiration. Every design is taken from a visual moment that actually happened. For example, the bird print, called Dancers was from a story i told my children in the morning. When they would start to get rambunctious i would point out our window to all the little birds hopping across the lawn eating little snacks, i would quickly draw their attention to the birds and ask them to start naming each bird...Billow, Bob, Bouncy, etc...Not only did this prevent near 3 year old breakdowns but it created great amusement and a new design called Dancers. This is by far the biggest line we at LULU DK have brought out in a long time. I am so please with the results that i cant wait to experiment with them all over my house. They are all on thick beautiful linen. If you would like to see more please go to Marisa's Stylebeat article where she has laid most of them (except the butterflies) out in detail. (thank you Marisa :-). Otherwise everything can be seen on or at Donghia Showrooms throughout the country (check our website for exact distribution outlets)