January 22, 2013

LULU DK Prints on sale at OKL

Lulu DK, Viaggio III Framed Print
Lulu DK, Voyage II Framed PrintLulu DK, Amanda Framed Print
Lulu DK, Voyage IV Framed PrintLulu DK, Veranda I Framed PrintLulu DK, Saunter Framed PrintLulu DK, Pop I Framed Print
Lulu DK, Collage I Framed Print
Lulu DK, Collage II Framed Print
Lulu DK, Pop II Framed Print
Lulu DK, Brit Framed PrintLulu DK, Caitlin Framed PrintLulu DK, Samantha Framed Print
So sorry it has been so long since i have posted! I had a little health scare with my little one (all fine now), then the holidays and then the biggest excitement of all is that i have been working away on launching our new online store that will be filled with many a thing LULU DK and many a thing from my journeys....But onto the present moment..Alas, a new collection of prints i have been working on are all available on One Kings Lane RIGHT NOW. Above is just a small sample of what is for sale on OKL right now. Check it out and happy shopping!


  1. I was visiting OKL and was intrigued by your paintings. Googled your name and I ended up here. I adore color and your blog has plenty of it, very inspirational. I love your paintings and everything you do! Thanks for sharing

  2. I was wondering if you will be selling any of your prints on your new online shop and if so any idea when that will be launching? I missed your OKL sale and love these!

  3. nice prints you have here. why don't you put your prints for sale on smugmug? by the way, i am a traveler who wish to complete my quest and am raising funds by selling my original photos.