June 21, 2013

A Little Friday Morning Inspiration

I love to draw what is directly in front of me, whether it is flowers in a vase, on a tree, or from a picture. A seascape, landscape or room scape. This is a picture of my "boys side" of my office (where they play and where my dog sleeps and where pillows and fabrics pile up). It is not very glamorous, but it is what it has become. My drawings on the left and their collages on the right....Point being everything can be fun to paint or at least serve as a visual memory for a later day. From my desk, i look at this wall every day!

June 12, 2013

In Memory

Ten years ago my father and my husband's father died within ten hours of each other. My father was in the Bahamas and Alfredo's father was in Rome. At the time Alfredo and I had been in a relationship for over 9 years. Strangely our fathers' had very similar stories; They both passed away due to an infection of the lungs, they had both fought in WWII, they were both engineers and they both made their money recycling airplane parts and selling them to companies like Boeing. Their unusual field of work brought them to the same unusual parts of the world, Iran, Brazil, India, etc and yet they never met and never new of one another. From the moment my father passed away, I was able to paint. I have always painted, but from the moment of his death I could paint whatever I wanted, so to say, the paint brush suddenly moved how i wanted/ needed it to. When I sat down to create my collection of personal collage for my autobiographical book LULU, I felt my father's presence next to me the whole time. I created about 60 collages in three months and felt as though my father was doing most of the work. It was really an incredible moment in my life, not only because I felt so prolific and creative, but because I was totally connected with my father and was now sure (and possibly relieved) that there must be something beyond this life. Since then, i have been painting constantly. For those of you have lost someone close to you, you probably know what i am talking about...the most important thing i have found, is to talk, pray and remember they are near you always to help. Here is a picture of our home in the Bahamas where my father lived and a painting i just did of it (because my son asked me to ;-). And a picture of my father and me when i was little in the Bahamas.

June 5, 2013

My Favorite New Designer!

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