August 22, 2013

Want to feel like the coolest person on the beach?

James Bond Knit Gold bikini

                                                                 Bahamas Seersucker
                                                                   Brazillia metallic navy
                                                                Hamptons Bandeau
                                                                        Kuta Knit Kaftan 

                                            Natascha with my husband in Italy two weeks ago

Summer is not over yet, particularly here in LA or back in South Africa, where i just came from (summer is soon to start there). If you are like me, you never feel quite like you have the perfect bathing suit for all those pool or beach days. Look no further...a little edgy, a little classic cool, my friend
Natascha Sayn Wittgenstein created a company for the perfect fit bathing suits TOOSHIE. "Ultra flattering and practical, Tooshie's chic bikinis and swimsuits are the last word in beach and pool -side glamour"

"Natascha was born in New York City and raised in Europe and the United States by her German father and Swedish mother. Her first taste for fashion, design and aesthetics came from her mother, Birgitta af Klercker, one of the original "top models" of the 1960s."

Sold throughout the world, incuding Scoop...get instant satisfaction by ordering online HERE.

Beautiful photos on top by our friend, Valerie Sadoun.

August 18, 2013

Here is something very cool...

Starting a company? or want to spruce it up? This is a really cool site FIVERR that can create your brand logo for $5. Yes, totally cool as you struggle to find a graphic designer in the real world who will charge you thousands...This website will create one for peanuts, so you can create a few different options and see which you like most. There are also fun option to animate your self portrait or create animations from your personal photos. Check it out!

August 12, 2013

This is Where I Am!

 Here I am in Gilio, Italy around the corner on boat from the Costa Concordia ship wreck. I am the one closest to the water ;-)
 Here is my husband and a friend about to jump the rock in front of the famous Il Pelicano hotel. Porto Ercole, Italy
And here is a little painitng of the terrace i am sitting on that looks over the sea (of which i have painted tons of paintings, which you can see if you scroll down my blog). Happy summer to all. I am heading to Cape Town, S. Africa in a few days and will keep you posted.

August 7, 2013

"These five short videos will remind you what's important in life and work."

I am a big fan of , a magazine based around educating business owner. If you are interested in starting or if you already have a business, this magazine is priceless. There is so much to learn, both inspiring and informational that you will find yourself glued to the website for hours. Here is something i thought was just wonderful: 5 Most Inspirational Videos of 2012 by Geoffrey James >Also everything Geoffrey James has to say is pretty valuable, so read on.