October 23, 2013

Love this!

Loving our LULU DK "Forms" fabric on the walls in my guest room Southampton house! Call 212-223-4234 for ordering more information. www.luludk.com

October 22, 2013

Be A Winner!

Win a chance to have me decorate your room (or children's room) with my new line of decals, all hand painted by yours truly! Email me pictures of your room and I will pick the winner and come to your house and install butterflies or birds or owls all over. New York or Los Angeles only please(unless you want to fly me somewhere fabulous ;) To see the full selection of decals, go to www.luludklifestyle.com Email images to shop@luludk.com or hashtag on instagram at #luludkdecals

October 18, 2013

Rebecca deRavenel's House in Vogue.com

Loving the LULU DK print in the fireplace. Similar available on www.luludk.com

Find similar suzani's on www.luludk.com and get the look!

Great house/story done by Lauren Santa Domingo on Rebecca de Ravenel's house in Vogue And loving the LULU DK touches!

October 14, 2013

Check out the one of a kind scarves/ sarongs before they go!


 All available on our new website www.luludklifestyle.com One of a kind silk textiles collected from my trips around the world. Can be used as a scarf or a sarong...super soft.

October 10, 2013


Give your house a crack, Snapple, pop in an instant with our "X-tra Special Bench" and matching pillows and lamp shades! A personal love of mine!!! Available in the NEW LULU DK SHOP

October 8, 2013


So exciting! Be the first to shop THE LULU DK STORE and grab things from my world wide collection of one of a kind found items from around the world. They will not last! WWW.LULUDK.COM

October 6, 2013


Come join follow me on Instagram or join if you aren't already, you will have so much fun on it! And you can follow everything I am grateful for! @lulu_dk