December 1, 2013

The Perfect Party!

Christmas Ball Painting Party. Fun for the kids, Awesome for the grownups ;-)

I used to hand paint 100's of balls, but this year I found them on White mat balls. You can also buy paint, sparkles, stickers, pens, glue and whatever else you may fancy.

This is always the best party, parents love it and so do the children. Cover your table with a disposable paper/plastic table cloth...

                         Serve yummy treats for kids and cheer for the grown ups! We make ours an early dinner feast for everyone.
Tie a rope so that you can hang your wet balls...don't forget to buy the metal hook fasteners for the balls.

And let your friends and kids go wild (loving these by Natalie Martin)

And these Fornasetti styled ones Done by Nero Smeraldo of his two children...Woohoo, get your invites out and make a party for yourself!