Assortment of handbags

A Bag (At Least!) For Every Season

Finding the perfect handbag can be a fashionista’s greatest challenge. To make the cut, a tote needs
the right combination of style and utility. With thousands of options, it’s almost unreasonable to expect a gal to
pick just one! Instead, we’ll settle for a bag (or two) for each season.


The flowers are budding, the ice is melting, the air is full of promise, and you need a bag to match! Choose flirty numbers with vivid colors to complement the show nature is putting on. A bright leather clutch or shoulder bag is the perfect accessory to an outfit full of florals and the season’s first sight of sandals. Though you can never go wrong with a tasteful pastel, don’t be afraid to branch out! Neons and striking patterns are right in line with the mood of the season. Alternatively, pick up a chic knapsack for strolls through the city. Backpacks aren’t just for students– they come in a wide range of cuts and materials. From nylon to suede to canvas, a backpack-style bag can make a perfect spring statement piece, and fit an extra layer to boot.


Summer or Spring Handbag

A perfect overnight or beach bag for summer.

It’s beach season, baby, and what says summer more than a nautical tote? Find a blue and white striped number, load it up with the towel, shades, snacks, and sunscreen, and hit the seashore. For bonus summer points, pair with an oversized beach hat– it’s a no-fuss daytime match made in sartorial heaven. On hot summer nights, be they spent at barbecues or rooftop parties, take the opportunity to opt for more minimalist accessories.  Even those “down under” can enjoy handbags Australia, although they may be celebrating it in a different month then the northern hemisphere.  After all, you don’t need to worry about packing a sweater, so now is the time to rock that impractically small purse you’ve been eyeing all year. Plus, you wouldn’t want your handbag to distract from the (tasteful) amount of skin you finally get to show!


Spiced cider, changing leaves, wool socks, ankle boots– coziness is key this season, in life and in fashion choices. Soft leather crossbody in warm brown shades pair perfectly with a chunky-knit scarf, and afford you the space to pack an extra sweater. Taking a trip to check out some fall foliage? Pick a woolen weekender with red and orange hues and ample volume– it’ll set the tone for a perfect seasonal getaway, and give you the room to pack boots, beanies, and anything else you might need to stay toasty yet elegant.


We know it’s tempting to forgo fashion in the face of frigidity, but take heart! There are chic and seasonally appropriate handbags for even the coldest days. First off, let’s face it, in winter our figures need all the help they can get, so forget to sling a crossbody over a bulky coat and save yourself some awkwardly bunched material. Instead, choose a structured day tote with a sleek, modern design and the volume to fit hat, gloves,
and earmuffs. Depending on your locale, it may be worth researching some waterproof bags– there are surprisingly appealing options from some designers, and protecting the contents of your purse from the elements is a worthwhile investment if ever we’ve heard one.

Around the holiday party season, brighten the winter nights by treating yourself to a clutch with some flair– think sequins, gemstones, metallics, chains.

Nothing breaks the winter fashion blues like a statement accessory, so the only thing shinier than your handbag will be your smile!