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Assortment of handbags

A Bag (At Least!) For Every Season

Finding the perfect handbag can be a fashionista’s greatest challenge. To make the cut, a tote needs the right combination of style and utility. With thousands of options, it’s almost unreasonable to expect a gal to pick just one! Instead, we’ll settle for a bag (or two) for each season. Spring The flowers are budding, […]

4 womens in sports jerseys

From Sportswear to Fashion Statement – The Sports Jersey

Sports jerseys have come a long way from since when they were first knitted, and they have grown to be both a fashion statement and expression of loyalty to his or her favored team. If you were to go to a football game in the 1940s, you more than likely would not have seen spectators […]

fashion industry

Three Surprising Facts About the Fashion Industry

The business of fashion is ever changing. Fashion – loathe it or love it – it is something that you can’t afford to ignore. No matter whether you are strolling along the streets, flickering through TV channels or standing in the line at a bus stop, you will face constant visual bombardments of adverts for […]

Summer Wearables That Inspire

Summer’s almost here! Now you’re ready for the season’s fashion inspiration culled from top fashionistas. Ready for the top three? Timeless prints Prints almost a staple every summer. The checkered black and white prints are good examples. They are ultra fashionable in knee-length balloon skirts. They look good too as crop tops. You might also […]