Stylish Ergonomic Computer setup

Comfortable and Stylish Ergonomic Computer Equipment

All office goers or people who work from home mostly do their daily work on a desk, in-front of a computer for 8 hours or more every day, in today’s world. But then the way one sits to do this work, especially if correct posture is not maintained, then it can result in serious health issues. Little bit of improvement, here and there, in the workplace environment can make a huge amount of difference and lessen back strain, wrist strain, strain on the neck etc. Here are some comfortable yet stylish ergonomic computer equipment that can help one to lead a stress – free day :

1) Mouse Pad : The mouse pad should be wedge shaped so that the wrist can rest on it. Additionally these mouse pads should be squishy and bulbous and the slope should be at a 4 degree angle so that the wrist can maintain its correct alignment, even though it is resting on a curvy slope. One of possible recommendations can be the Handstands-Ergo-Mat-Memory-Foam-Mouse Pad

2) Keyboard : Microsoft has come up with a Natural Ergonomic Keyboard that is curved at the correct places, and this keyboard supports the wrist naturally. With just a keystroke, programmed applications can be accessed easily. and most importantly, it is not hard on the pocket.

Smooth Leather Computer Chair3) Laptop Stand : In order to reduce the stress from the eyes, wrists and also the motherboard, Amazon has come up with an Adjustable-Ventilated Laptop Stand. The metal mesh prevents the laptop from being over heated and the temperature can be adjusted between 12 degrees to 35 degrees so that one can type for hours.

4) Eco Leather Seat : This chair has a mesh back that makes the sitting experience cool as well as flexible, as if one is sinking into it. The leather seat can be adjusted just by a single touch and the seat has a deep cushion which eventually gets softened. The armrests are contoured and the pressure points on the hand feels a lot gentler. This is created by SPACE, has an AirGrid functionality and is available in Black color.

5) Back rest : This back rest is auto inflating and is amongst the best quality ergonomics equipment. This is a auto inflating lumbar pillow that can be used in office, or long drives while in a car or even on flights. There is a knob that can be twisted and regulated to understand the level of puffiness. The name of it is – Relax-the-Back.

6) Adjustable Desk : Homestar has brought about a desk, the height of which can be regulated based on the height of the user. The design of it has an industrial look and there are 8 options available for adjustment. There are 2 storage shelves too that can be used for decoration or keeping useful files.

7) Trackball Mouse : This is a wireless trackball mouse brought about by Logitech. The most recommended model number is M570.  The buttons are customizable too to fit and become a part of one’s regular workflow.

Along with these, there are many other options that can be considered for a healthy lifestyle like Sit-to-Stand-Monitor Riser by Lorell, Serta’s Smart Layer Manager Chair, Seat Cushion by Tempur-Pedic, Rocking Foot Machine by Humanscale etc.